Conservatives for Obama? No, really.... - Granite Grok

Conservatives for Obama? No, really….

I mean, I can at least see why maybe some conservatives may decide to vote for Gary Johnson, the national Libertarian Party’s Presidential candidate this year…. But then there’s Marty Begin, a   Nevada voter and “self-described conservative” quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal article about Mitt Romney. And…this guy says he’s going to vote for Obama. A “conservative”? Voting for Obama? I mean, helloooo…

…anybody HOME? Here’s a quote from the Journal article:

A voter like Marty Begin, a 49-year-old Pahrump, Nev., resident, should be a Romney supporter. He is a self-described conservative who is concerned about the nation’s fiscal path and thinks it is time for people to swallow tough cuts to get entitlements like Social Security and Medicare in order. Yet Mr. Begin, a Republican, plans to cast his ballot for Mr. Obama.

Query #1: What is a “conservative”?

Query #2: If this guy’s a Republican…what’s a “Republican”?

Query #3: Is he being untruthful,  is he unutterably ignorant, or is there something else going on here?

Query #4 (and the scariest): Is Marty Begin of Nevada the face of today’s American Republican voter? Is this the type of voter—Republican or Democrat—who will be choosing the next U.S. President?

Beats me. I’m just the reporter. You decide.