AFPF American Dream Summit – This pretty much summed up the mood! - Granite Grok

AFPF American Dream Summit – This pretty much summed up the mood!

Americans For Prosperity - Defending the Dream Summit 2012-SummaryWell, got home at about 2:15 am this morning.  Am absolutely convinced that Washington DC is the pits to try to get out of when you are driving a car, don’t know the city, and the GPS is absolutely convinced that you HAVE to go up the street that the DC DPW folks have closed for repairs (3 times, in fact!).  I consider it an hour stolen from the life.

No problem with respect to falling asleep at the wheel – friend (fanatic fan?) of the ‘Grok Jean lent me her audio book of Mark Levin’s Ameritopia.  Not all the way through it yet, but I think I will put this in the class of book that scared me – like when I read the first 100 pages of Atlas Shrugged without anti-depressants (as my friend Chan from Weekend Pundit suggested when he heard I was going to read it).

Anyways, I figured that I’d put this up – as I was walking out of the hotel I was staying at (across the street from the Hilton where the event was held) I just happened to glance at the back of the truck parked in front.

“B-bye, Barack Hussain Obama…..a one term Prez like Jimmah Cartah!”

Folks are motivated – because they believe not that they just think that BHO is a bad President and bad for America.  Now they SEE that he is taking away THEIR American Dream – and worse, their kids and grandkids chance to have one of their own.

They hate thieves.  Their property, their Dreams, are being taken from them without their permission.  Americans don’t like their stuff taken against their will and will protect their Property.

November is coming!