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To The Manchester School Board – ‘You know..You’re Breaking The Law, Right?’

School bus transportation for Manchester charter school kids back on the tableI wrote about this back on July 9th.  The Manchester School board voted to cut transportation funding as part of a deal to find the cash to put teachers back on the payroll.

At the end of the day, cuts made to public school jobs were reinstated at the expense of school choice and charter school students, and there are already rumors circulating that the district knows it has to provide transportation but is willing to make the necessary moves despite that; they re willing to reinstate the public school positions and wait for someone to challenge them.

And three weeks later they are having another vote to reconsider becasue someone has challenged it.

As reported in today’s Union Leader

In its vote on school spending for the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the board cut money to pay for providing transportation to Manchester students who attend charter schools within the city.

The 9-5 vote came after the board was told of a state law that required the district to provide transportation to in-district students who attend charter schools within the district boundaries.

The elimination of charter school transportation was part of a package of cuts that freed up some $140,000 to rehire teachers tabbed for layoff.

Last Monday, state Education Commissioner Virginia Barry wrote to Superintendent Thomas Brennan to warn that the law passed this year “explicitly requires the district to fund such costs.”

That Manchester School Bord meeting is tonight.