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Carol SEIU-Porter And Ann McKluster’s Biggest 2012 Donor? Anti-Israel J Street PAC

JStreet The Anti-Israel Lobby and PAC supports NH DemocratsYou are who you take money from, so the narrative goes, which on a typical day makes Carol Shea-Porter (SEIU-Porter) a union thug and Ann McLane Kuster (The McKluster) and SEIU-Porter both the Bane of the Unborn (up to an including partial birth abortion), and meat puppets of left wing congressional leadership.

Ann McLane Kuster - Supported by Anti-Israel J Street
The McLuster ....

So how does the J Street PAC factor in?  J Street is currently the biggest individual donor to both New Hampshire Democrat congressional candidates SEIU-Porter and The McKluster.  NH CD-1 Candidate SEIU-Porter has received $10,950 dollars and CD-2 Candidate McKluster has pocketed over $30,000.00 from the group, putting J Street at the top of both fund-raising leader boards.  And who is J Street?

J Street is the offspring of gazillionaire George Soros largess, and funded by the Soros family (and other mysterious foreign donors).  It lists itself as a Pro-Israel group, but its primary purpose is to funnel money into Left wing candidates and to promote anti-Israeli policy.

To quote Elliot Jager at Jewish Ideas Daily

Claiming to support Israel’s right to self-defense, J Street since its founding has opposed every measure Israel has taken to defend its citizens. It opposed military action to stop Hamas’s bombardment of the Negev. It abandoned Israel in the face of the Turkish flotilla frenzy. And it had to be dragged kicking and screaming to embrace even mild congressional sanctions against Iran. May 2010. Said Jager: [O]ne is hard put to discern any policy differences whatsoever between the stated positions of J Street and the Palestinian Authority or the PLO…. Both oppose Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.”

Jennifer Rubin at Commentary

J Street is a leftist group, not a pro-Israel one. And for leftist Jews the mantra is: global warming is killing the planet, abortion on demand must be protected, and Israel is wrong on [fill in the blank]. Once you have that straight, its website and ongoing Israel-bashing make perfect sense

Does this explain their support of the McKluster and SEIU-Porter

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren

“a unique problem in that it (J Street) not only opposes one policy of one Israeli government, it opposes all policies of all Israeli governments. It’s significantly out of the mainstream.”

“..when it comes to the survival of the Jewish state, there should be no differences of opinion. You are fooling around with the lives of 7 million people. This is no joke.”

NGO J Street Fact Sheet

Funders of J Street’s Political Action Committee include directors of the National Iranian American Council and the Arab American Institute; a lawyer who represented the Saudi embassy in Washington; a former foreign agent for Saudi Arabia; and former CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia, Ray Close (reported to have worked for the former head of Saudi intelligence).

George Soros Gaziilionaire financier of all things left wingGeorge Soros and family have poured at least $750,000.00 dollars into J Street and directed other ‘sources’ to fund the project with larger sums.  The leadership of the group is loaded with Soros connected people with ties to Soros financed projects like Democracy Alliance, Air America, The Center for American Progress, People for the American Way,, and various Soros Foundations, as well as ties to Barack Obama, members of the Socialists wing of the Democrat party in congress, Howard Dean and other left wing leaders in the Democrat Party.

Rep-Carol-Shea-Porter - Funded by Soros and Soros groups including J StreetIt should also be noted that some of these groups run or finance local Left wing New Hampshire groups like Granite State Progress, which also supports the agendas of both Shea-Porter and McKluster.  And New Hampshire Citizens Alliance (NHCA), whose 501 (c)(4) PAC was created solely to re-elect Carol Shea-Porter to office in 2010. Even the now renamed Left wing Granite State Fair Tax Coalition has ties to these out of state funded local groups–which for all we know may have forced them to change their name to GS Priorities, though not much else has changed there.

J Street supporter Avram Burg Likened Israel to Nazi Germany.

J Street has opposed sanctions on Iran which has promised to wipe Israel off the map.

J Street would not reject the Goldstone Report which accused Israel for war crimes during its Gaza Campaign against Hamas–which is also sworn to end Israel as we know it.

And it goes on and on.

The entire essence of J Street is thus; If a Democratic Israel cannot exist without the sword that it should not exist at all.  It is not entitled to ‘be’ if it must defend itself to exist and if the pursuit of peace means no more Israel than so be it.  Not exactly a New Hampshire Value is it, denying a person or a people the right to defend themselves?

So it is safe to say that Carol SEIU-Porter ($10,950.00 so far from J Street), and  The McKluster, (over $30,000.00 form J- Street), are all in on the pro-Palestinian, Pro-Arab, anti-Israel agenda of the far left Surrender wing of the Democrat Party?

I’m going to go with yes until they send the money back.


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