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Armed People Present? More Safety for All.

Two pro-self-defense State Reps.: Jenn Coffey and...

In the wake of the mass murder tragedy at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater yesterday—and the immediate effort of the Mainstream Media to link it to the Tea Party movement—it is worth remembering that More Guns Means Less Crime.

For instance, when a would-be mass murderer shot his way into a packed church in Colorado during a Sunday service in 2007…


...Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien

…he was quickly killed by a parishoner with a gun.

In New Hampshire, by contrast, the majority Democrats in 2009 banned state reps from carrying concealed guns in the State Capitol. Thankfully, when the Republicans were swept into power in 2010 with huge majorities, the Democrats’ anti-self-defense decision was quickly rescinded: Within one or two days of the 2011 legislative session opening, the new Speaker of the House, Bill O’Brien, had the self-defense ban reversed. Democrats and the anti-gun Nashua Telegraph wailed. O’Brien and the new Republican Majority wisely ignored them.

Today? If a would-be mass murderer invaded the State House and started shooting in the House Gallery, he would instantly be met by a hail of return fire from dozens if not scores of concealed-gun-carrying Republican Representatives. Thank God for the Republican majority in New Hampshire.