The DNC Mail Bag or is That The DNC D-Bag? - Granite Grok

The DNC Mail Bag or is That The DNC D-Bag?

From the Desk of the DNC

This weekend, the Koch Brothers are holding a secret gathering of billionaires to plot their strategy to buy the election. They plan to throw millions — if not billions — of Big Oil money into Super PACs to smear the President and Democrats across the country

No offense but if that’s true, then the last time the GOP billionaires “bought the election,” there were a lot more jobs, more wage and GDP growth, our allies trusted us and our enemies feared us.  America has gone way down the toilet since you class warfare, identity politics, America hating intellectual douche-bags took over.  If all we need is a few Republican Billionaires to put people back to work, get the government out of our faces,  make the dollar stronger, create real energy jobs that lead to less expensive gasoline and heating oil, and rebuild our military so Russia, China, North Korea and Iran (to name a few) remember how to tremble at the notion of our presence anywhere on the frikkin globe then I’d like to help them;  whatever it takes to speed up the exit of Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Axelrod, Plouffe and the never-ending campaign goon squad, the Marxist Supreme Court appointments, the race war, the class war, the war on religion,  the war on women and all the gonad politics, the crony capitalist green hole to nowhere taxpayer loans, the threats and union violence BS, the Commie bus full of Czars, the EPA’s war on coal, the drilling moratoriums, the intimidation politics, the attacks on free speech, and about 100,000 other slings and arrows of outrageous fortune that have scorched the  Fruited Plain in the three year wake of this hypocritical, empty-suited, lying hopey changey child king.

Worst.  President.  Ever.

So I’ll gladly embrace the so-called election buying GOP billionaires to save my kids from four more years of this moron and his administrative clown car full  of Media Matters co-ordinating, secret-leaking, football spiking, kindergarten bully, Soros-monkeys and the decades of ruin that would inevitably follow should they not be deposed peacefully in the upcoming election.

Democrats couldn’t manage a lemonade stand which explains why they are jealous of pig-tailed eight year old girls who can run one on their own.