really - "bipartisan financial support"? - Granite Grok

really – “bipartisan financial support”?

There is a piece in the NY Times byCampell Brown calling out Planned Parenthood for being too ideologically pure when pummeling supporters that stray from “their line”.

Gay rights supporters in New York offered an instructive lesson during last year’s battle for marriage equality. Gay marriage passed in New York because four Republican legislators crossed party lines. They did it in part because they had true bipartisan financial support. Chad Griffin, who heads the Human Rights Campaign and helped spearhead the effort, told me, “the experience in New York not only showed that we could reach across the aisle, but also that we could successfully make this a bipartisan issue.”

This brought to mind that phrase made by the auctioneer on “Auction Hunters” when a sale is made, which I paraphrased: “Bipartisan financial support?  No, ya bought it!”.  It’s always about the Color of Money – like it was here in NH.  Absent the Gay PAC money (like from Gill), gay marriage would never have passed (so why didn’t Zandra Rice-Hawkins complain about THAT out of state money – oh, yeah, it was PROGRESSIVE money!)

But back to Planned Parenthood – US Senator Susan Collins had a great line about that organization:

“infuriating” and now nothing more than “an arm of the Democratic National Committee.

Ask yourself – how many of these “social services” organizations aren’t?  Without access to the Democrat / Liberal politicians who shower them our money to make themselves feel good with other peoples money, where would they be?  As a local Budget Committeeman, I often angered them when I told them they were lazy by taking the easy way by merely seeking the assent of a few politicians and calling that “community support” instead of doing the blue collar workstyle of going out to, you know, the actual community to work for donations.