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“NH House Redistricting Plan Stands” – But Steve, I object!

>> The correct word for that particualr [sic] vintage is stooge.”

While I loved the Three Stooges growing up,  am not thinking that I am a “stooge” in this regard.  However, I’m not happy with the redistricting as it affects my town of Gilford.  We have sufficient residents, 7400, to have rated 2 NH House Representatives on our own (by a few hundred, according to the number (3,291) that the House Committee used as a standard).  So, are we by our selves?  Nope.

Meredith is outlined in red and Gilford is in blue.  Never the twain would meet if it weren’t for Lake Winni.  Sure, they are approximately same sized towns, with similar population sizes as well as municipal budgets.  But that would be it.  Folks in both time have burnt butts that 4 Reps have to be shared between the two towns – Gilford really wanted its own.  Heck, I wanted our own.

These really are separate towns – they do not share any of the same issues in the larger picture.  Having been involved in Gilford politics for a while now, the issues that drive Gilfordites are NOT the same as those in Gilford.  So if the intent is to represent each town, how is that helped if, for instance, all of the Reps come from just one of the towns?  From an ideological standpoint at the State level, perhaps it makes sense, but when things break down to a local level?  If all the Reps came from Meredith (for whatever reason), if an issue came up that Gilford really wanted to pass but Meredith did not, how would that work out?

So I was in favor of the lawsuit in overturning at least the Gilford – Meredith “put together”.  Couldn’t care about the rest, but this one part, yes sir.