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Hey You Elite Racist Obama ZOmbies! Don’t Forget Your Picture ID!

Photo ID required to see Obama in Durham NH
Image Credit; MySafetySign.com

In the Live Free or Die State you need a Photo ID to get a sticker to use the town dump (in my town).  You need a Photo ID at the age of 16 or up if anyone in your family wants to collect Food Stamps*.  And you need a Photo ID to go to the Obama Campaign Rally in Durham New Hampshire.  But you don’t need an ID to vote on million dollar town budgets or to elect the people who spend your money at every level of Government.

ID required to see Obama.  Sounds Racist.

So NHDP CHair Ray “I want to F you hard” Buckley, former state Dem Chair Kathy “Lawsuit” Sullivan, Democrat Maggie ‘The Red” Hassan, Jackie ‘The Socialist” Cilley (Candidates for Governor), Carol SEIU Porter, and all the rest of you racist left wing Hypocrats–you have a good time at the Obama Rally while people of color and those “most vulnerable”–whom you insist will be prevented from voting if we require Photo ID in New Hampshire–are prohibited from seeing their chosen one as he visits the Granite State.

And I’ll be looking for the headline…”ID required to see Obama in Durham NH- Women And Minorities hit hardest.”

*There are dozens of things you need ID for less important than voting, these are but an inconvenient few.

Image Credit MySafetySign.com