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Governor Martin O’Malley Rallies NH Democrats…

Remember when New Hampshire Governor John Lynch slithered off in secret to  Tim Gill’s secret Gay-millionaire-democrat-donor confab known as Political OutGiving?  He wasn’t fundraising, so he said, but ended up with around $100,000.00 in contributions from the attendees (He got the rest of his 2010 campaign cash from Unions and his own bank account).  Well the only other Governor at that same event was Maryland’s Martin O’Malley.

Governor O’Malley probably wasn’t there to “fund-raise” either but given that he was reportedly on the fence about Gay Marriage, and the Gay lobby was pushing hard for a Gay Marriage bill in Maryland, and Governor John Lynch–who was against Gay Marriage before he was bought off by outside money and intimidated by the state party to be for it–the presence of this Democrat couple at the secret Chicago Millionaire Gay donor-confab seemed hardly serendipitous.

Nor does this seem coincidental–the choice of Governor Martin O’Malley to speak to the New Hampshire State Democrat Party convention last Saturday.

Democrats like to reward each other for their perceived empathy for the “plight” of manufactured victim classes demanding invented rights.  And with both Lynch and O’Malley being recipients of buckets of out of state special interest money, and NH Dem Party Chair Ray Buckley being the conduit of millions upon millions in out of state special interest money into State party coffers and local elections for years, and the lot of them being hypocrites about the matter of out os state influence ad nauseum, O’Malley seems a fitting choice as the New Hampshire left looks to replace Governor Flynch with another rubber stamp, big budget, tax and spend leftist.

O’Malley is also the head of the Democrat Governor’s association, another out of state resource NH Progressives will want to ‘tap’ before November.  Nice move inviting him to your convention.  I wonder if Buckley is helping O’Malley raise more money from the Political OutGiving crowd?  We’ll have to look into that.