Breaking News: Rick Parent is going to challenge Frank Guinta in NH's First Congressional District. - Granite Grok

Breaking News: Rick Parent is going to challenge Frank Guinta in NH’s First Congressional District.

Rick, a chief engineer on a ship that has been ferrying supplies to our troops in the Middle East, signed on for the campaign yesterday at the NH Secretary of State’s office.  While he ran in the last election cycle, and held good positions on issues, he just did not have the name recognition to be successful.  Campaign website is already up here.

It will be interesting to see how he decides to run this campaign – and see what kind of strategy he will have against an incumbent in the Primary (that being Frank Guinta).  There has been no small amount of angst among the TEA Party and 9-12ers on a number of Frank’s votes (although he has swung more Right as the election closes in) – would Rick be able to pull that support to him?  In no small amount, much of Frank’s victory lay in convincing that he was at least very sympathetic to the TEA Party movement if not a direct member himself (even if in stealth mode).  If Rick can persuade those that are looked up to in the TEA Party, and then the more regular type folks, it will mean, at the least, that Frank will be at least partially distracted from a campaign that was looking like it had a single competitor: Carol Shea-Porter.

Who still, by the way, has never apologized for this.