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2012 NH Elections – random thoughts on NH Senate District 4

OK, this is going to end up being a VERY busy summer season doing and talking politics here in NH.  Some of the events will be full blown posts, and some will just be a couple of thoughts.   NH Senate District 4 is open – no incumbents.  Republican Phyllis Woods (former NH State Rep and RNC Committeewoman)  and Democrat David Watters (UNH Professor and NH State Rep).  So, what’s going on?  Well, Ray Buckley is burning off his fingertips on Twitter – showing his real personality.

  • Right out of the box, Ray “Hitler should have bombed them” Buckley, NHDP Chair, immediately started in with the ad hominen attacks (I keep looking – there has GOT to be some sub-sub clause in there that causes the Dems to immediately have to resort to such – no other ideas or clues as to what to do, I guess); on Twitter:

4 Jun  Raymond Buckley ?@ChairmanBuckley:   David Watters hits the jackpot! Anti-choice extremist Phyllis Woods to run for state senate! #NoWackadoosInSenate #NHForward

Yo, Raybo!  If you haven’t heard, let me give a clue just because that’s the kind of guy I am – Shhhhh, just between you and I, the American public is more pro-life than pro-abort.  I know that the Dems are the Party of the Past, so I’m not surprised to know that you didn’t know that.  Also, I remind you that YOU said that calling people names was a no-no:

 “…That kind of rhetoric has no place in New Hampshire or in civil political discourse anywhere.”

But name calling is when you do it?  Is this a continuation of the Civility Warp of the Dem S.O.P – call them names to shut them up.  “But We, WE of the Democrat Party, can say anything we want anytime we want and you cannot hold us responsible.  Or we’ll call you out to resign or somebody else on your side to repudiate you!”.  You can’t even follow your own rules, can you?  I guess that’s why the words Democrat and Consistency should never be used in the same sentence (unless one is a stand-up comic)

#NHForwardForward.  Glad to see that you use the most favorite word of Socialists and Communists everywhere.  No Ray, not forward – BACKward.  Socialism is all about taking power away from the people to decide for themselves what is best, and taking away their property to boot. It is also Forward in a direction away from the Constitution.  You keep on identifying with the Socialists, Mr. Chair……

  • Glad to see that Vicki Schwaegler (Area 1 Republican Vice-Chair) fired back:

5 Jun Victoria Schwaegler ?@v_odescalchi     @ChairmanBuckley Name calling already or can I use YOUR hashtag referencing your candidates too? Shame on you Chairman Buckley.

Both sides can play that game.  Now, there are some in the Republican Party that think that “name calling” is beneath them.  Frankly, I’m glad to see that someone in NH GOP Leadership defending Phyllis who has more morals in her little pinky than Buckley has in his entire chubby body.  Never run away from any front of this war.

Besides, he’s really not as clever as he thinks… as he decided to double down:

  • 9 Jun  Raymond Buckley ?@ChairmanBuckley  NHGOP is cruel. They should tell Phyllis Woods district 4 would more likely elect a vampire than an extreme antichoice Repub #NHPolitics A

Vampire – really, Ray?  Methinks you’ve been at the movie theaters too often, or that you are what you seem – a very disappointed little man.  No wonder why those under you act the way they do, Ray – look at the example you set.  Pretty much, a spoiled little brat that is tolerated only for one reason – he’s been able to funnel $$ into NH.  Outside money – that folks like HIS CD-1 candidate is wailing about.  Whatsa matter, Ray, is she complaining because you aren’t sharing?

  • 13 Jun  Raymond Buckley ?@ChairmanBuckley  Wow! Rumor of Phyllis Woods run has been boon to Watters campaign $ Statewide oppo to her extreme anti-choice agenda is strong. #nhpolitics

Heh!  Lots of big words, lots of big expections Raybo has put on his dude Watters. In the mean time, Phyllis is just attending to the real business at hand – Garry Rayno State house Dome:

Democratic Rep. David Watters of Dover is seeking the seat as well. He is a two-term House member and a University of New Hampshire professor.

While he has to be favored to win the seat, no one is underestimating Woods.

Woods has raised about $35,000 for her run, making sure that Watters knows he is in for a real battle.

Folks in the NH GOP know her work ethic and her honesty in politics.  Ray can say what he wants and it will be great to have him have to reconsider his words that having Phyllis in the race would be worth $20K to him.   Considering how little time it has been since she announced, Buckley may be doing more harm than good.  Keep it up, Raybo!