Remembering Democrat Rule Part 2

If New Hampshire Democrats were ever again allowed to run the State legislature we already know the first thing they would do.  They would overestimate revenue to justify spending for the purpose of driving us into a broad based tax.  They did it during a recession, with unemployment skyrocketing, embarking on one of the most massive modern day expansions of New Hampshire state government.  What’s to stop them doing it again under any other condition?  Republicans.  Barring that, nothing.  It’s who they are.

Spending was and always is the Democrats first priority and Governor Lynch’s most recent budget was just another example.  Even without a Democrat legislature he wanted to spend 4.731 billion on General and Education funds, almost 300 million more than the current Republican Budget; a budget 6% less than that of Governor Lynch; a Republican budget that is almost exactly in line with actual revenue.  (That means it spent what they estimated they would take in.)

But left unchecked by Republicans Democrat Governor Lynch would have got his budget and then some, and added another 300 million dollar hole that the taxpayers of New Hampshire would have had to fill because there wasn’t another $300 million plus to spend without raising some more taxes in this lousy economy.

History also tells us (recent history) that if Lynch had that Democrat legislature the new Lynch deficit number would have been even larger.  The Democrat majority left us with a 1.2 billion dollar gap between revenue and spending (which they were only able to hide with one time money and accounting gymnastics).  In the absence of the federal handouts this time around (Stimulus etc.), that gap could became a deficit that could have easily grown to 1.5 billion or more if Republicans had not won the legislature and dealt with Terie “Billion Dollar Deficit” Norelli’s structural deficit.

So at the end of the day, the Republicans saved New Hampshire’s fiscal ass.   They found a way to rearrange government to avoid new taxes during a recession.

Of course the Democrats had an answer to their billion dollar problem.  The answer was (and is) another tax.  A sales or income tax, to be exact.   A sales or income tax to pay off that 1.2 to 1.5 billion plus existing spending gap.  So 1.5 billion in new taxes for the 1.5 billion in new annual state spending during the worst recession in history™.

So  tell me again how the broad based tax would provide property tax relief?  It wouldn’t.  It would go to cover all that new spending, which would become the new starting point from which the next spending spree would be launched.   Budgets never get smaller when Democrats are driving the bus.  Never.  Your new state budget would grow as fast and as far as it could, year after year, under Democrat rule.  And more and larger taxes would be needed to pay for that new-newer-newest  state spending.  You’d pay for it with a broad based tax, with higher local taxes as the state nibbled  away at revenue sharing  and down shifted costs to towns to feed its hungry beast; adding higher fees and fines, view taxes, tent taxes, soda taxes, timber taxes, transaction taxes, energy taxes, communication taxes, and more business taxes.

The spending would never go away and someone has to pay.  That someone is you.  All of you.

So despite what the left claims, there is no salvation from an Income tax, sales tax, not even from gambling revenue–you just get more government to pay for year after year…and your property taxes…they continue go up to.

And there is not one Democrat who can say with a straight face that they would never want a broad based tax because without one they can never have want they want for New Hampshire…to have a revenue structure like Massachusetts, or New York, or California.  Their variety of Government demands it, it cannot “live” without it, and the left will not stop…until they have it.

So you don’t have to love Republicans, but your lifestyle and your livelihood simply can’t afford Democrat run government.  It always means more government and there is never enough money to pay for it.