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And You Were Worried About Bag Fees?


Sperm WhaleA woman was kicked off a plane for wearing a shirt that read, “If I wanted the Government in My Womb I’d F*** a Senator.”

There are plenty of things wrong with this. First, it assumes that the Senator in question would be both male and adequately equipped to achieve the implied destination.  While many Senators, regardless of gender, could be considered big (you know) as an insult, that does not automatically translate to human anatomy.  In fact, if the goat-entrails of the anecdotal collective consciousness are correct, the bigger the (you know) insult, the smaller the real thing actually is.

Senators also tend to lack ba**s, so this seems like an accurate analysis.  Viability of the “swim team” is a matter of detail we’ll pass on for now, but I will add that Democrat John Edward “boys” were still swimming when he cheated on his cancer-stricken wife which suggests that the womb is achievable regardless of the size of your…constituency…at least for an Ex-Senator.

We also have here a woman who is not just sexist (Senators in this scenario must be men), but must also be a statist.  Her concept of government interference begins and ends in Washington DC.  Yes, I have to presume that she means a US Senator.  If they were a true believer in Republicanism and State Sovereignty they would have taken the time to add “State” in front of Senator, or more likley would be wearing a shirt on which the word Womb would be replaced with the word Ass.  But this woman who would travel all the way to DC to have the “government” interloping in her womb.

Then there’s that whole stay out of my womb sub-culture, whose roots come from the EMILY’s List, Planned Parenthood, League of Women Voters, National Organ of Women, all abortion all the time, and while we’re at it, you’d better pay for it groups.  This is pay to play without the play, unless–according to the charming lady in the T-shirt with the word F*** on it–you happen to be a sitting US Senator.  This suggests that this person also promotes or expects Senators to be on the take and that this is the best way to get the government involved in your issue.   The irony of that is too vast to explore at this time so back to the Wombistas.

This is the kind of ignorant thinking that get’s your womb over-regulated by the HHS department of Childless Family Services in unpleasant ways you never imagined–just ask the Chinese.   And the chasm of ignorance  is vast.  The same sort that wears T-shirts with the words F*** and” my womb” on them, who are not a porn star (though they could be), are the same voting sluts that demand the government act as their prevention pimps at taxpayer expense.  And there’s the rub.  You can’t demand the government finance anything related to your lady parts and expect them to not take an ongoing interest in their investment.  In fact, that is how the government goes about the business of taking control of things, be they banks, car companies, small businesses, education curriculum’s, highway spending, bike paths, health care systems, or wombs.  A point I just made three weeks ago here.

Before the government can legally take other people’s money and spend it, even if its on traffic in and out of ‘your vagina’ they have to pass a law.  You need a law to support taxpayer funded abortion, a law for taxpayer funded contraception, and other laws for whatever else it is about your vagina that constitutes “women’s health” and “human rights.” So you should be finding new places in your vagina for more laws not less.   And not to scare “Don’t Tread on my Uterus” but every law requires scores of bureaucrats to write relevant rules and manage the regulations, implement them, and even enforce them, which will turn your vagina into a Law library and result in a uterus that has not only been thoroughly trampled on but will need to lease out space for the ever-expanding bureaucracy.

The Senator is just a facilitator.  He’s not even going to call you after, except perhaps for a cash donation to his re-erection campaign. (That was intentional).  And not that you’ll listen but if you don’t want the ‘Government’ in your womb, stop inviting them in.  They are like vampires.  Say yes once and they keep coming back until they’ve sucked you dry.

So should they have kicked someone this ignorant off the plane for the words on her T-shirt when, after all, they could have asked her to change it or cover it up?   Yes.  People this confused should not be allowed to fly in the passenger compartment.   We should treat them like the fruit or exotic animals people try to sneak in from foreign countries.  The risk of a disease spreading like wildfire after landing could incapacitate the entire nation for years.  Crap.  Too late.  That’s what happened in 2008.

Well, think of it as containment then.  No point letting things get worse.  We’ve actually go a shot at starting to turn this death spiral around.  And no, it’s not free political speech to wear those particular words on a T-shirt in public when there are plenty of others that will get the job done; it’s just bad manners.