"The Power of Profit" by my favorite economics professor - Granite Grok

“The Power of Profit” by my favorite economics professor

Dr. Walter E. Williams is one of my favorite people to read and listen to – able to take complicated issues, strip them down to their essence, and tell the story in a way that brings out the important stuff that others don’t even think of.  This video is a great example – an explains why “profit” is not the bad thing that Socialists, Communitarians, Democrats, and anti-capitalism type folks (like many environmentalists and Occupy Wall Streeters) believe.

After all, a great capitalist does one thing and does it extremely well – meets the needs of the people s/he serves:

Did you ever wonder why anything gets anywhere? How potatoes from Idaho, for example, end up in a supermarket in NYC? Acclaimed economist, Walter Williams, explains why it all depends on one thing — profit.

And no, it is not because of large Government programs that Obamamessiah and Moochella (and other Democrat Socialists like Maggie Hassan and Jackie Cilley who are  seeking the Democrat nomination to be the next NH Gov) believe.

(H/T: Prager University)