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Concord Monitor says more food stamps needed, assumes Obama re-election

If President Obama is re-elected, as the April 25, 2012 Concord Monitor editorial “Cutting food stamps to feed the rich” apparently assumes, then it is right, the Ryan budget won’t provide all the food stamps, unemployment, and other assistance that will be needed.

The Concord Monitor goes on to pooh pooh the idea of “Cadillac driving welfare queens” and undeserving welfare recipients.  Some of us are alert enough to have noticed media reports of “Cadillac driving welfare queens” who have been re-located to prison, and we are not naïve enough to think they have all been found.

Is it possible that there are undeserving welfare recipients?  What a shocking thought!    Watch a few on Nancy Pelosi’s daughter’s documentary:      Do you think there could be more?

The editorial wants the Bush Tax Cuts to go away.  When President Obama extended them, he told us that the Bush tax cuts saved $3000 for the average American family.  Does the Concord Monitor want taxes to skyrocket for middle and lower income Americans?

The editorial suggests that farm subsidies should be cut.  I agree.  Cut all subsidies, bailouts, all government interference in the marketplace (its record for picking winners is dismal), all special loan guarantees, and phony requirements that drive up prices such as the requirement to include ethanol in gasoline, etc.

The Monitor doesn’t like the Ryan Budget.  I don’t like it either, it doesn’t cut enough spending and what it does cut is not soon enough, but it is the ONLY responsible start on the table.

The Monitor is correct, when people lose or can’t find jobs, they look to the government for those services that their taxes have provided to others in need.  The more people without jobs, the higher government expenses.

Our country’s basic problem is that President Obama’s policies destroy  jobs, mostly for middle and lower income Americans.  So far, his policies have killed approximately 5 million jobs in 41 months, in mining, drilling, manufacturing, energy production, health care, farming, leisure, etc.

When you consider that President Obama’s policies may have been tempered somewhat out of re-election concerns, the extent of likely job destruction in a second term is frightening and the social safety net expenses would skyrocket.

Unfortunately our country cannot afford to have our expenses skyrocket because our current debt and current spending plans are  already too high.  President Obama, Secretary Geitner, Chairman Bernanke, economic experts, credit rating agencies, Democrats and Republicans all agree that our financially irresponsible path cannot continue.

Greece shows us what debt driven austerity can cause: riots, property destruction, economic destruction, joblessness, depression, and a doubling of the suicide rate. Yet, although US debt per person is greater than Greece’s, the Obama administration condemns, but offers no viable alternative to the Ryan budget.

There are no good alternatives when a country can’t tax or borrow the money it needs: massive job cuts, massive cuts in government spending including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, housing assistance, etc., and/or rampant inflation where people’s money is  increasingly worthless.

The only way to avoid these unavoidable consequences of President Obama’s policies is to elect a President in November who is committed to job creation rather than job destruction.  The more people with jobs (in addition to the tremendous benefits for the individual), the lower the social safetynet expenses and the greater the tax revenue, it is a win-win.

If you want a life of poverty, dependency, and depression, re-elect President Obama. If you want the opportunity to work for your dream then elect Mitt Romney whose policies will jump start our economy, resulting in good jobs and increasing opportunities for Americans.