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ONE Campaign to Rule Them All

ONE Campaign to rule them allI’ve been warning people about ONE Campaign, hapless New Hampshire Republican politicians in particular, for years now.  While they were lining up like fools for photo-ops I had outlined ONE campaign’s global government agenda.   I linked ONE to the UN’s corrupt, anti-liberty, anti-American, Millennium development goals.  I even connected ONE to Senator Obama’s shared objective of a mandated tax on American GDP to fund the ONE campaign agenda and others like it (All of that can be found here,  and here.)

ONE is just one of many corrupt, global, social justice front men for the same old socialist song and dance-the redistribution of other people’s wealth.  Just ask Bono.  He helped found ONE, asks other people to donate to it in large sums, supports those mandated taxes on all GDP to fund that agenda, then runs off to seek a tax haven to avoid…paying twice as much in taxes.

But we are not here today to talk about Bono’s tax hypocrisy.  Left-wing hypocrites are like pigeons in the park.  They are everywhere.  All they do is sh*t on you,  and surround you, look at you sideways and squawk at you until you cough up the free stuff;  and then they sh*t on you some more.  (The #Occupy Wall Street freaks are just big pigeons, by the look of things.)

What we are here to talk about today is the corruption of ONE Campaign, and there is more than enough of that to go around.

ONE campaign has proven itself to be just another big, corrupt, socialist, global, money pit into which millions are poured and almost nothing comes out.  Full of noise and fury, signifying nothing.  Unless the goal was theft under false pretenses and trapping hapless Republicans looking for a little social justice street cred counts as a win.

Not only is ONE campaign a social justice, global-world-government, anti-freedom nightmare–according to the Daily Mail, of the total sum ONE collected in 2008 (for example) £5.2 million went to ONE campaign salaries, some went to pay for top-shelf swag at fundraising events, and most of the rest appears to have somehow missed the mark.  (Unless the inside guys who spent it on things other than poverty are all named Mark.)  Only about 1% of the £9.6 million, or about £118,000, got anywhere near the impoverished people in those pictures they have plastered all over their–probably very pricey–web presence.  Talk about overhead.

So ONE stands for the percentage of all donations that they will actually direct at the stated goal of ending hunger and poverty?  Or maybe we’ve got the agenda wrong?

When asked about this 1% problem the ONE campaign responded as follows. (From the UK Daily Mail)

‘We don’t provide programmes on the ground. We’re an advocacy and campaigning organisation.

“…the money is used for promoting its campaign and raising awareness rather than being given  straight to those who need help.”

So when you support the ONE campaigns war on poverty, you are not building a well, or teaching people how to farm properly, or even feeding the hungry, you are funding ONE campaigns bureaucracy, so that they can continue to campaign for more donations…to fund their bureaucracy.

Note to Republicans: Might as well have posed with Joe Biden for your Facebook page, or just joined the Democrat party if you support that.

But let’s give credit where it is due.  I mean, this is bloody brilliant.   The biggest problem with sending money to impoverished nations, filled with starving people, lorded over by third world Kleptocrats,  is that the donations never get to the people.  The scumbags in charge take most of it for themselves, use it to pay bribes, give some out to the cronies who help them stay in power, and very little ever gets to the people for whom it was intended.    But ONE Campaign has stopped this injustice.  Their own scumbags take most of it for themselves, use some to make “payroll,” give some out as gifts to the cronies who donate to them to help them “stay in power,”  and very little ever gets to the people for whom it was intended.  ONE simply pilfers all the money for payroll and goodies before it can get pilfered and insist that they are just front men, like Bono, who know nothing; they are just there to promote awareness.

Well you’ve done that.  We are now more aware than ever that ONE Campaign is the kid at Halloween, trick or treating for UNICEF, who keeps the money for themselves.  And what does the trick or treater for UNICEF say when confronted?  Well, he’s got administrative costs, counting it takes a lot of time, and look at how much he spent on his costume, and he was, after all, just going around increasing awareness.   He could have been selling piss as hair tonic, or emailing you to help get his family fortune out of Nigeria, but no he’s “increasing awareness” about poverty.

So you’ve been had.  All of you, progressives included.  But there is an important lesson in it.  Take this quote from the Global Fund’s spokesman, regarding massive corruption and mismanagement with their 21 billion plus.

“We would contend that we do not have any corruption problems that are significantly different in scale or nature to any other international financing institution.”

That is absolutely correct.  No, you don’t.  They are all corrupt.  And the larger the “well-meaning” socialist bureaucracy the less effective and more corrupt it becomes.   Which is why the Democrat parties obsession with big government is doomed to fail at your expense.  It will just get bigger, and cost more, to sustain it’s own girth, and corruption.  So the real question is, have any of you learned your lesson yet, or do you need four more years of Obamunism to figure it out.