GrokTV Special Interview: Pam Tucker-RNC Committeewoman Candidate. Question 8 – Republicans have said that they have eliminated regulations; got that list? - Granite Grok

GrokTV Special Interview: Pam Tucker-RNC Committeewoman Candidate. Question 8 – Republicans have said that they have eliminated regulations; got that list?

In addition to seeking to be the next RNC Committeewoman, Pam Tucker has something that her opponent cannot claim to have: experience as the current Deputy Speaker of the NH House where she has been intimately involved with policy and the legislation.  One of the claims this session is that the Republicans have been concentrating on fiscal matters and making NH more biz friendly even as the media is hyping the social issues (to which my retort is “there is ALWAYS a fiscal cost to every social issue!”).  So, I challenged Pam: “show me the list!”

A couple days later, she sent the list – take a look after the jump!

Previous questions:

  • Q1 – Why are you running?
  • Q2 – Why should the ordinary Republican care who their RNC Committeewoman is?
  • Q3 – Is defending the NH GOP platform part of the role of the Committeewoman’s role?
  • Q4 – Why vote for you over your opponent?
  • Q5 –  What part of the NH GOP Platform is in danger and why should people rally around it?
  • Q6 – How verbose will you be in defending Republican ideals as Committeewoman during the election season?
  • Q7 – As RNC Committeewoman, how can you sharpen the diferences between Republican and Democrat positions?

Tax and fee reductions
Tax or fee Authorizing legislation
Elimination of auto registration surchage Sunsetted without reauthorization
Reasonable compensation reform SB 125
BET credit carryforward expansion HB 187
BPT loss carryforward expansion HB 2 (363)
Repeal of Meals and Rooms Operator fee HB 2 (316)
Repeal of gambling winnings tax HB 229
Reduction in Weights and Measures fees SB 157
Reduction in pet store license fee HB 2 (317)
Reduction in condo and land sales fees HB 2 (318-319)
Reduction in marriage license fees HB 2 (320)
Reduction of tobacco tax HB 2 (377-381)
Reduction in salt water fishing license fees HB 2 (231)
Regulations reduced
Industry or group receiving relief Authorizing legislation

Hauling/shipping industry HB 117
Boatmakers HB 441
Homeowners/developers HB 27
Insurance carriers (health) HB 95
Funeral directors HB 289
Grocers HB 333
Campgrounds HB 404
Hunting and fishing guides HB 570
Small electric generators SB 35
Small hospitals/ambulances HB 58
Retailers HB 142
Manufacturers HB 143
Electricians HB 503
Forestry industry SB 104
Child care agencies HB 488
Pharmaceutical distributors HB 504
Pet stores/breeders HB 651
Small brewers HB 262
Home builders HB 317
Real estate brokers & salespeople HB 47
Developers/contractors SB 20
Skiing industry SB 32
Developers/contractors SB 38
Home sellers SB 111
Candidates for office HB 258
Fireworks retailers HB 291
Land owners HB 205
Wine manufacturers HB 276
HVAC contractors HB 381
Small telecommunications companies SB 22
Employers SB 86
Insurance carriers HB 424
Road contractors SB 21
Automobile dealers SB 156
Home builders HB 109
Employers HB 133
Pharmacists SB 93
Restaurants and taverns SB 120
Mortgage loan originators SB 189
Trust companies SB 50
Landlords SB 70
Employee leasing companies SB 89
Developers/contractors HB 2 (382-412)