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Chevy Volt vs. Health Care

Good for the environment because you can't drive it after it burns upJust a passing observation about the Chevy Volt.

It is not a Green vehicle unless by ‘Green’ you mean that it runs by burning through money.  After all, who can actually  afford a $45,000.00 automobile, even with a $7,000.00 dollar taxpayer funded incentive?   The vehicle is barely functional as an electric car, taking longer to charge than it will run on that charge, a charge that simply redistributes the carbon it is not supposed to emit to the places that make the electricity it needs to pander to its pretentious owners and advocates.

As a gas engine vehicle it is not worth the price tag, emitting those dangerous greenhouse gasses just like cars that sell for a fraction of the price; cars that deserve the nickname “total recall” because of the serious risk of fire.

And this is just what the government did to a car.  Imagine what they will do to something as enormous and complex as a health care system?