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There Is No Recovery

Time to put another nail in the Obama recovery coffin.  The recovery that started when the recession “ended” in June of 2009.  The recovery that is not growing jobs faster than the rate of population growth.

But that is hardly the worst of the Democrat’s problems.  The bigger problem is that they are selling trillion dollar deficits year after year on the assumption it is creating jobs.  They are printing money to pump into the economy on top of that to “jump start” this or that, which devalues the dollar, making everything cost more. (Inflation.)  And the end result of all that debt, and deficit spending, and economic risk taking. and destruction is this…

This is what the real jobs picture looks like.  This is what they have mortgaged the future for.  Nothing.


Work force participation is flat under Obama Stimulus?  Jobs programs?  Pelosi, Reid, and Obama spent trillions…to do what?  Create jobs?

But according to the work force data, that has not happened.  It is not happening.  The people who need to go back to work for there to be a “recovery” are still not in the workforce.  You know what that means?  That Obama’s economy is barely allowing enough new jobs to be created to handle people newly joining the workforce, and nothing for those the long term unemployed.

There is no recovery.  What we have here is massive, generational debt.  Stagnation.  Which might explain the sudden interest in pond scum.


Deficit spending graph under obama - increased 32%