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Should NH Give A Damn About Zandra Rice Hawkins?

Tomorrow, someone who relies entirely on out of state money, will present a pile of petitions, signed almost entirely with out of state signatures, to the New Hampshire Attorney General (AG), whom she will ask to investigate voter fraud in the Granite State.

Let me start out by thanking Zandra for the petition show she plans to put on tomorrow.   She thinks she is going to make a statement about the need to prosecute voter fraud, James O’Keefe and Project Veritas specifically, but that is not the statement she will be making.

Please allow me to set the table.

Zandra “Rice Crispy Treats” Hawkins (ZRCTH) is to out-of-state money what Mo Baxley was to out-of-state money, before she had to give up her lemonade stand.  Mo ran New Hampshire Freedom to Marry.  She, along with the same Democrat party that voted down Gay Marriage before being strong armed into not voting against it so it might pass,  pretended that Gay marriage was a local grass roots effort and the will of the people.  It was neither.  As it turned out Mo’s rainbow roots got all their green from outside the state,  a problem she shares with ZRCTH.   There was no New Hampshire Freedom to Marry, just Mo Baxley, out of state money, and Democrats lying about it.   While the group still exists, and is still spending buckets of money from outside the state to manipulate your local elected officials, the New Hampshire part is out of the bag.   It’s just out of state pressure groups dictating your state’s policies.

Hawkins and Granite State Progress are in a similar position.  If American Progress and its ultra liberal backers every stopped the flow of resources, Zandra would be out on her ass because Granite State Progress, like New Hampshire Freedom to Marry, is misnamed.   It should be Out of State Progressives.  And the petition show she plans to put on tomorrow in Concord that I mentioned, that’s all out of state nonsense as well.  Not that it matters.  We, here on the Right, win either way.

Regardless of how many signatures she has (if the Daily Kos ticker is right she is still about 46,000 short of her goal), most of them will be, like her funding,  from someplace outside New Hampshire.  So why give a damn about Zandra “Rice Crispy Treats” Hawkins and her out of state petitions in the first place?

Zandra, along with the Left’s wing nuttiest wing nuts, are about to pour more fuel on the debate about Voter Fraud and the very need for voter ID, that the Veritas video they are objecting to demonstrates.  So I’d like to say thank you to Zandra in advance.   Thank you for allowing us…

1) to remind people that your group is just another Democrat Party water carrier doing the business of out-of-state left wing special interests with out of state special interest money.

2) to continue to discuss the damage this does to the Left’s credibility on arguments past and future about the evils of out-of-state money and influence, of which they drink so deeply.

3) to remind people that regardless of the petition show, or anything the AG does or does not do, that anyone can still walk up to a polling station, give the name of anyone they know to be on the checklist, living or dead, and have a very high probability of successfully stealing a vote, which could be your vote.

4) to give groups like CNHT a reason to unearth every violation of election law and voter fraud over the past dozen years that has been reported to and ignored by the Attorney General of New Hampshire and the Secretary of States office.

5) and for letting us watch as you embarrass the Governor’s office and AG Michael Delaney by asking them to act on the petitions of tens of thousands of people who do not even live in New Hampshire, when that office has ignored voices from inside the state for years.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

What has to hurt the most is that all of this could have been avoided….with voter ID.

But let’s give her a chance.  I’m sure the signatures they collected at the Daily Kos and People For The American Way, both left wing groups of the Leftiest groupiness, will prove to have at least a few signatures from inside the State.   Kind of like the faux-petition against Rep Al Baldasaro, another petition loaded up with out of state signatures.

But as I said, that hardly matters.  What matters is that Voter Fraud is back on the menu, and as long as left wing dolts like Zandra use out of state money to keep it there, we’ll be more than happy to talk about it.