If you drop 109,900 petitions and no one is there to hear them fall... - Granite Grok

If you drop 109,900 petitions and no one is there to hear them fall…

Granite State Progress drops petitions but no one is there to hear

[Updated Below]

That 9:30 press conference, the one at which Zandra Rice Crispy Treats Hawkins (ZRCTH) was supposed to unleash the fury of over 100,000 signed petitions, started a little late. Something to do with the lack of actual press. As of 10:00 Zandra was still there, as the typical day’s traffic wandered in and out of the Legislative office Building, paying little or no attention to the tiny knot of people behind the podium.

While my informants did not tarry for fear of appearing to care about Zandra’s fiasco, 30 minutes past the start time, passersby stated that there was no obvious press presence at the event, no “presence” at all to speak of, really. (Maybe they were gathered where most of the signatures were gathered–outside the state.)

(There is an article in the Union leader about the petitions, but it highlights Diallo Brooks of People for The American Way–he’s from Washington DC.  Yeah.  That helps.)

Despite the minimal interest in Zandra, “Out of State Progress” continues to arrange the deck chairs. claiming that (three out-of-state funded left wing groups) Granite State Progress, People for the American Way, and Daily Kos, submitted over 109,900 petitions asking the NH AG to investigate James O’Keefe and to enforce voter fraud law. First time for everything I suppose–democrats asking to enforce voter fraud law. They usually just try to make whatever holes we found legal. But then they already did that with Voter ID. You don’t need one in NH, so anyone can claim to be you and steal your vote, including any of the people whom ZRCTH claims submitted any of the 109,900 petitions to a left-wing online cattle call. I think the same people signed petitions to ban soft toilet paper because it endangers the environment.

So I guess the next question has to be,  is ZRCTH going to post all these petitions online so the good people of New Hampshire can examine them? There are no links to the petitions on the Out of State Progress web site, which is odd considering they were all collected online. (No pictures or accounts of the blessed event either.) Are either or any of her out of state partners going to post the petitions for us to see?  Because until we see the names and states of the signers (I’m just assuming no ID was required to verify domicile by the way), this is just another left-wing publicity stunt….except that it didn’t get very much publicity unless you count my poking its withering corpse with a big pointy stick.



Commenter on face book says…’Check those signatures, they could be dead.’

Wouldn’t that be ironic? Dead petitioners objecting to undercover journalists demonstrating how easy it is for dead people to vote in New Hampshire.

Let us crowd source the petitions.