I think this might prove to be troublesome to Ron Paul? - Granite Grok

I think this might prove to be troublesome to Ron Paul?

“Iran’s warriors are ready and willing to wipe Israel off the map,”

That from the Iran’s Deputy Defense Minister, Ahmad Vahidi.  Now, he is saying this in context of Israel attacking Iran to stop the latter from getting the bomb – a terse warning of “don’t try it”.

The real problem is, however, is the mindset behind that statement, which has been repeatedly stated, for a long time, by various leaders in Iran outside of the context of the bomb.  It is the ultimate goal of Iran and much of the Middle East, to see this happen.  They are not interested in peace, they are not even interested in a two state solution.  In fact, most of the Middle East don’t even care about the “Palestinians” – why else would they not have just accepted these folks as refugees?

The answer is that these folks were free to go – no one kicked them out of Israel.  It is the rest of the Middle East countries that refused to accept them.  Yet, these same countries kicked out the Jews that were formerly residents (or employed techniques to help “convince” many that it would be a great idea).

From my perspective, this is one of the reasons why Ron Paul will not be the nominee; even he understands this as his poll numbers are slumping to those of the last cycle (about 10%).  He is open about the fact of not being the nominee – he, it seems, is happy to be able to be influential about the policy discussions that the election brings about (and on the domestic side, I do agree with much of it surrounding an overly large and intrusive Federal Government).

(H/T: The Corner)