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Wrong About RINOs

“I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” —Will Rogers

Representative Julie "The Mad Hatter" Brown, Strafford, District 1 RINO of the Year

When I began doing the RINO Report, I had opined initially that RINO’s don’t really care about my musings on whether or not he or she is a RINO. I was wrong about that. I am finding out that RINO’s do care. Fact is, I am finding out that some I have labelled as RINO’s are actually…well, quite thin skinned.

The true test of how well-read the blog has been, is evidenced by the number of people who stop on  by to call me a MORON.  Such viscera is good for the inner constitution.  And, Despite being negative, it’s still feedback.  When I get such feedback I am reminded of 28 years ago…back to the year, 1983, when I was a recruit at Third Battalion H Company at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island. As the Senior Drill instructor slowly strode down through the “squad bay” inspecting each of us for appearance, he stops right in front of me. He looks very close at my crisp white T-shirt and spies a very small hole. taking his pinky finger, he works it into the hole until he finally tears the bajesus out of my t-shirt. He steps back and retorts at me, “that day gum t-shirt is unserviceable sh*t-can it and get another.” Sir, Yes Sir! I sounded off.

The liberals are like the Senior in that sense, picking at the hole in the shirt, while the larger points are missed.  The analogy being the RINO Report is about the actions of a public official who has demonstrated a pattern of serving that is more consistent with the opposition…the liberals who advocate for bigger government, more spending and expanded social programs. The nanny state. Nobody is ever call a RINO merely for the sake of me having a voice on Granite Grok and doing so gratuitously. I give specific reasons and refer to votes, legislation and silly public statements and positions.

In my humble view, putting a bumper sticker on a car is, in essence, a public statement.  As with the guy at the car wash yesterday who flipped me off and passed by in his truck with a “What Would Jesus Do?” Bumper Sticker.   And Julie, “The Mad Hatter” Brown is an “elected official.”  Her bumpers stickers are also a public statement. Julie’s  car has N.H. House plates…another overt public statement of her service as a House  Rep.

We showcased those very public statements here at the GROK. We neither apologize for it, nor feel any regret for doing so. To quote another RINO Rep, Alida Millham, “It is what it is.” In Julie’s case I say, “Res Ipsa Loquitur” (Latin for, ‘the thing speaks for itself’).  So we here at the Grok will continue to focus on the issues which bring public officials the title of RINOdom ..and the surrogates with their paper-thin sensibilities can continue to focus on that, “little tiny hole in the t-shirt.”