Taxpayers On The 'Rack' - Granite Grok

Taxpayers On The ‘Rack’

Elective Surgery on the taxpayer dime?  I have a question for progressives.  If a fetus is just a lump of tissue, isn’t abortion just another form of plastic surgery?

You can’t even find a Democrat willing to admit the procedure is not elective.  It’s woman’s choice, yes?

And if you’ve ever gotten an unwanted earful from some feminis, going on  about what pregnancy can do to a woman’s body,  appearance is a consideration.  That makes it cosmetic, yes?

So if  abortion is the elective, cosmetic, removal of unwanted tissue, and not the termination of a human life, why doesn’t the liberal super-state demand the wholesale taxpayer funding of liposuction, nose jobs, and breast implants?

Sorry, trick question.  If you are a public school teacher in Buffalo New York, boob jobs are already covered by taxpayer dollars.

Thanks to evergreen laws that require public union contracts to continue as long as no new contract is negotiated (in good faith or not), we have this story from about public school teachers in Buffalo, New York who are getting breast enhancement surgery (nose-jobs, nips, tucks and so on) on the taxpayer dime.   An insurance rider, in a contract the union has not been interested in re-negotiating since 2004, covers the cost of cosmetic surgery with no co-pay.  So the union has the taxpayers on the rack.  Literally.

What union you ask?  Why the NEA of course.  The children first people (cough-cough).

An organization to which the Buffalo Teachers Federation President,  Philip Rumore–the guy who has not been renegotiating the old contract–donates large sums.  The NEA Fund for Children and Public Education (and breast enhancement?), a 527 which accepts donations from public educators and union hacks like Rumor alike, spent $4.9 million dollars ($4,900,000.00) in the 2010 cycle, on independent expenditures against Republican candidates, to help get Democrats elected. (That’s just one election.)

One might surmise (correctly) that the partisan NEA is attempting to protect the cozy arrangement it has with Democrat politicians.  A relationship that not only supports laws that allow contracts which bill taxpayers for boob jobs in places like Buffalo, but one that spends millions to fight laws that unions do not like (Right to work) and even facilitates left wing abortion policy and the entire manifold of progressives agenda items–including live birth abortion.

You can call union power whatever you like, but it’s affect on America is continued Democrat control.  In Buffalo New York that means taxpayer funded boob jobs.  Almost poetic actually.  Democrat money and power creating bigger boobs at taxpayer expense?

One more question.  Do they call that stimulus?