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NH has Voter Fraud? – Hey, How About We Arrest The Messengers?

Voer fraud in New Hampshire - The dead have risen to vote in the NH primaryThe Project Veritas punking of the gaping holes in New Hampshire’s voting process is priceless.   If you missed it, they used the names of dead people to get ballots in this weeks First in the nation NH primary and posted the video of that on-line.  It demonstrated that vote stealing is not just possible, it is as easy as many of us have claimed for years, and happened just months after Governor Lynch vetoed a voter ID measure in which he claimed…

There is no voter fraud problem in New Hampshire.  We already have strong elections laws that are effective in regulating our elections.

It happened after years of Democrat and Lynch flunkies making the same claim as Lynch in his Veto statement.

I admit that the bill the Governor vetoed had problems, but that is no excuse.  Imperfect, last minute Democrat budgets, loaded with statutory and constitutional violations against the rights of the people, were the norm under Democrat majority leadership: Lynch happily singed those with  the assumption we’d fix em eventually.  To his credit, we did.  We voted his party into a super minority and fixed the budget without him.  Unfortunately for the Voter ID bill Lynch vetoed in 2011, there are still plenty of small ‘r’ republicans in this state who simply refuse to take a stand on the issue of vote stealing and the veto could not be overridden.

So they had to be shown just one of the many reasons why we need voter ID.  And like any good statist cabal uninterested in securing the integrity of the sacred ballot, or those embarrassed by how easily they were made to look like fools, a hand full of bureaucrats, functionaries, even the decidedly moderate Republican Mayor of Manchester (Gatsas) , are demanding that the Vertias people who punked them be arrested.  As it turns out, New Hampshire not only has laws that make vote fraud easy to perpetrate, it also has laws to prevent people from exposing vote fraud.NH Poll workers see dead people

Would they be calling for the arrest of the folks at 60 minutes had they exposed just one of the many huge holes in the ballot and voting integrity of the Granite State?  They are huge and they are many.  This sting showed just one.

So I say go ahead.  Arrest them; with no offense intended to my many friends and acquaintances who orchestrated the sting.  Arrest them so we can keep this on the front page all year long.  I want to see this case on Right wing blogs every week of 2012.   I want to see every bill that watered down the process exposed and debated on a national stage–becasue they were all passed by New Hampshire Democrats.  Same day registration issues.  Students with out of state addresses not just voting here, but encouraged by liberal professors and democrat party operatives to do so.  Dead people voting.  Bring it all on.

The headlines will ring–Yes, New Hampshire, despite years of either lying about it, hiding it, or perpetrating it, voter fraud is a very real problem  and your Democrat governor, his Secretary of State and Attorneys General, the elected Democrats in the legislature, and the entire Democrat party, have done their best to prevent you from finding out about it, done everything they can to make it easier to pull off, and not just kept Republicans from trying to fix it, but attacked them and demagoged the issue.  ( And yes, I am secretly hoping there are more videos….)

New Hampshire is made for vote fraud.   Arresting the messengers won’t change that.  But it might make it the topic of the year.  I dare you to do it.