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Even to a Mushroom, Facts Are Stubborn Things

I encountered a Tweet-Hole yesterday.  Some liberal mushroom thought they had something to add to the vote fraud debate and sent me this.

what about vote fraud in Iowa

The link takes you to a Media Matters article in which the author loosely speculates about close races and claims of voter fraud.  We are apparently meant to assume that fraud has occurred because the race is close.  Media Matters, the Soros funded left wing mouth piece of the Democrat party, is simply trying to create conflict between factions to cause division.  Sasha2000 seems to think that this non-issue in Iowa is the same thing as New Hampshire poll workers, caught on video, giving ballots to whomever walks up to the table and provides a name that happens to be on the checklist.

More likely sasha “the mushroom” 2000 has only heard the left wing spin on the video.  What follows is both predictable and priceless.

My response is simple enough.

You are speculating I have proof about voter fraud CNHT has been collecting hard evidence for over 12 years.  I have been party to extensive discussion of the issue, how the various forms of fraud are perpetrated, and how the Democrat party in New Hampshire has responded by trying to make it legal.

The Media Mattters piece is fluff but sasha2000 is a mushroom and has long since swallowed the bait, the bobber, and about 20 feet of line.  But that is no reason not to make them look like the fool they are.

So I bait the mushroom and the mushroom takes it.Tweet mushroom creams fox news no proof

The stock response from a mushroom always involves my intellect  (Republ’kins R Dum), George Bush, Sarah Palin, and or Fox news (combinations thereof).  Sasha2000 does not disappoint.  In this case we get Fox news and dumb.  For the record (again) I do not watch Fox.  I do not watch any television news.  But liberals being liberals, just assume I must.  It is their contention that all people are programmed and directed by some central clearinghouse for their version of the truth because that is how it works on the left.  How else does one advocate for exchanging freedom and liberty for top down central planning unless you have been programmed that way.  This is not the first time the mushroom will be proven wrong.

Mushroom2000 asks for credible proof and I provide it.

1700 signed ‘confessions’ from college students claiming they are illegally registered to vote in New Hampshire.

Returned mail showing 19 people all registered to vote in NH from the exact same non-existent address.

A link to the story about Geoff Wetrosky, out of stater who was staying in the Democrat party chairs house when he got busted stealing campaign signs and who then voted illegally, before running home.

These are all stories we have reported on the Grok in the past week.  There’s more where that came from but I didn’t need it.  The mushroom, sasha2000, ran away to tweet another day.  And I’m sure it will be more of the same nonsense, just not with me.