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Not Paranoid -Prescient

Guns - ATF emails implicate plan to use Gunrunner to regulate gun salesBack in May of 2011, the first stories about project Gunrunner and Fast and Furious started leaking into the blogosphere.  American guns were used by Mexican drug gangs to kill a US agent and US made guns were turning up at other crime scenes involving Mexican Drug traffickers.  But the story at the time was not the narrative the left was looking for.  It was about whistle-blowers inside ATF claiming that ATF and other agencies were selling those guns to the drug dealers and letting them walk into Mexico.  In May of 2011 I said this...

Being who they are,  (Democrats) would demand that they short-stroke this ‘discovery” into expanding gun control legislation, and I’m not convinced that this was not a convenient side effect if not the entire point of the program.

And it turns out I was right.  I wasn’t being paranoid I was prescient.

Not that it was all that difficult.  There are no special skills required.  Democrats will tell you everything you need to know if you happen to be paying attention.  I just happened to be listening and made the obvious assumption.  Democrats hate the second amendment.  They blame US gun sellers for US guns in the hands of Mexican drug traffickers.  And look, ATF and DoJ are caught letting guns walk into Mexico.  And now we have this…

CBS has uncovered emails from within the ATF discussing options for more restrictive gun regulations on dealers based on the discovery of guns found at crime scenes; guns ATF made dealers sell to criminals and then let walk into Mexico.  The problem for ATF was and always has been that no one was ever supposed to know they facilitated the sales or let the guns walk.

The operation and discussions about it have been linked to Eric Holder and White House staffers.  Leading Democrats clearly knew about it, including–unless he really is a clueless dolt with no command or control of his own administration–the President.   That means a sitting US administration purposefully violated federal law for the purpose of building a wedge with which to deny the constitutional right to self defense.  it also means that, very likely, those Democrat leaders pushing the media narrative months before it was unintentionally revealed, knew about it as well.

Blago barcodes-- off to jail for 14 yearsWhile this is obscene, and more than a few people need to be investigated, consider this.  Given the breadth of Fast and Furious, the fact that they had to know people would be killed as a result  (and actually were),  and the overall risk involved to pull this off, what isn’t beyond the arrogance and hubris of this administration and the Democrat party?  What would they not do to advance their agenda?

These are people who swore before you and God to uphold and defend the US Constitution, not use your trust or faith in them–and the power of the Federal Government that you handed to them–to sell guns to criminals in hopes of using that death and destruction to deny you  rights they don’t happen to agree with or like.

So now it is time to ask democrats past and present, those who have been calling for more regulation of firearms prior to the whistle-blowers and those who still call for it after,  what they knew and when they knew it.   Blagojevich needs some company for the next 14 years.  Looks like plenty of Democrats would like to keep him company.