Hurting New Hampshire Families?

Here's Johnny - Frozen from lack of LIHEAP fundingStill waiting on the New Hampshire State Democrat Party Apparatus to unleash its year long media campaign against President Obama and the matter of Heating aid.  Obama, who has time to sell guns to drug lords and loan billions of your dollars to failing solar energy companies run by his campaign bundlers–two things we are also waiting on Suckley and the NHDP to denounce–cut LIHEAP funding in half back in February.  LIHEAP is federal heating aid assistance.  His reasoning was simple.

The “Energy prices have now gone down but the cost of the program has stayed the same,” Obama said during a press conference Tuesday. “Let’s go back to a more sustainable level.”

And it almost makes sense, particularity after giving foreign banks 7 trillion, Billions to unions, or dropping your class-warfare rhetoric to allow your friends in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to get millions in bonuses.  Cutting off $2.5 billion in heating aid to needy families is couch cushion  money.  And yet he still cut it.

Obama does suggest that if prices went back up he’d reconsider but so far not so much.  Heating costs are up.  Inflation under Obama is chewing away at every other corner of the family budget making any other cost increase more troubling.  And no, I’m not advocating Federal support for much of anything or the strings attached, we’re talking about hypocrisy here.  Where is the noise from State Democrats?

Are New Hampshire Democrats too busy penning press releases and editorials to the local papers about local legislators getting the revenue figure right (GOP underestimates revenue on purpose to hurt NH Families) to call out Mr. Obama on cutting heating aid to ‘those most in need?’   Not much has been said.  Democrat Senator Shaheen didn’t like it, but her own party apparatus has failed to evoke the kind of rhetoric or narrative suited to the problem at hand, particularity if it were a Republican who cut the funding.

The answer has to be that the progressive foot soldiers never received marching orders from Chairman Buckley to take Obama to task for ignoring single moms and children who might freeze to death this January. (or Solyndra, or Gunrunner, or Loans to foreign banks, or bonuses to mortgage banker buddies, or massive deficit spending and on and on….)  And that’s okay.  They have their hypocrisy to keep them warm.