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[Updated] AP Proves CO2 based Global Warming Is A Hoax

GlobeAP has a story out today, which the green Yahoo’s at Yahoo! have put up front for all to see.  The front page lede is ‘Record Rise in Global Warming.‘  But when you follow the link the article itself is titled:"Biggest jump ever seen in Global Warming Gases." Talk about deception.  But then, the entire thing, like global warming, turns out to be misleading.

The article goes on at length about emerging Asian economies and the massive influx of CO2 into the atmosphere, but the only mention of actual warming is theoretical.

The article itself is so slanted it is past amusing and damn near criminal.

The problem, or course, is that CO2 emissions have been on an upward climb for decades while global temperature have failed to follow.  They continue to go up and down without any measurable or predictable connection whatsoever.  But that is just another inconvenient truth.  So does AP dare to mention that?  Of course not.  They can barely contain themselves while pointing out that the UN’s IPCC has come under criticism but that most of its conclusions are considered main stream if not a bit too conservative."


So much for the IPCC passing Green advocacy puff pieces off as science, leaving out contrary evidence, and overall being written by and for politicians with an specific green agenda.  Then there is all that hiding the decline business that they are still trying to hide.

The story does get one thing right.  Global emissions are still rising.  The fact that temperatures have not been in any measurable way affected is only more proof that the "we are killing the planet" meme is just another truck load of nonsense.  If we are killing it it is by keeping the third world in the third world where the socialist elites think they belong instead of letting them develop into efficient modern states.  You need cheap power to do that.  There is nothing cheap about the lefts energy alternatives.


[Update] Hot Air is reporting on the AP report as well, reminding us that despite the CO2 emissions warning and the failure of every man-made program to reduce them, the temperature has not risen for 11 years.

More on the jump.

Remember…the left has been lying about the affect of CO2 for 10 to fifteen years.  I should be outside tending my garden in my extended Northeast growing season.  Ski resorts should be shuttering their doors and leaf peepers driving up to Canada to find some Autumn splendor.  

None of that has transpired.  In fact, the only change occurring in the field of climate change is the parade of reports of bad research, poor data collection, and outright fabrications.  

And for those who still think CO2 makes it warmer we have a graph showing the temperature over the last decade–in which CO2 output has soared.  Temperatures….flat.

Conclusion.  If there is warming, and it would not be the first time in the earths history (even without man) that the temperature went up, it is not CO2.  It is therefore not necessary to regulate or limit it for that purpose.


Global temp graph 


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