Progressive Veterans Group Goes after NH House Rep - Granite Grok

Progressive Veterans Group Goes after NH House Rep

The Union leader headline is…"Veterans group says Baldasaro should resign House seat."  The article that follows outlines the groups objection to Representative Baldasaor’s remarks surrounding a Gay U.S. army soldier who asked a question during a presidential debate.  Al can defend himself just fine, and is quoted in the article to that end.

“The disgusting part was he was breaking the law and not one person was saying anything. He came forward on a social program in a partisan debate. It’s illegal,” Baldasaro said. “It had nothing to do with him being homosexual. If you want to do that stuff, do it in civilian clothes."

If that is true why would, the group calling for his resignation, be spinning this into an opportunity to call for the resignation of a popular and influential Republican?  Could it be that VoteVets is a liberal front group, funded by Democrat and Progressive organizations? How about that the guy claiming to represent the group  calling for his resignation, David Robinson, is a Democrat Party Town chairman from Conway?

That would be exactly what it is.

So why doesn’t Tom Fahey and the Union Leader clarify the groups left wing ties, it’s Democrat connections, and support for Democrat candidates?  And why does Fahey, the paper’s State House Bureau Chief, only refer  to Robinson as a "spokesman for the Group" and a "Carroll County Resident," without ever letting his readers know that Robinson is also the Conway Town Democrat Party Chairman, and might have an axe to grind?