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Left Does Not Want You To Connect These Dots

Police Chiefs and Leftists and Lynches oh my!  They conspired to limit your right to self defense in New ON TARGET towards freedomHampshire.  Intimidated you with warnings of bloodshed.  Introduced fear as a catalyst against you.  And for what reason? 

Tyranny?  It is more difficult to use government power to manipulate an armed populace, armed with knowledge, armed for self defense. The first thing  tyrant must do is to go after their guns.

Or is it victim-hood?  Let’s face it, muggers and criminals are more than prepared to show you that they are willing to use force to commit a crime.  Why would Democrats refuse you a similar opportunity to prevent a crime? Are they afraid you will discover that a lawfully armed populace can prevent crime without them?  Do they need you to be a victim to advance some agenda?

It is an unfortunate fact for the anti-gun left that as lawful gun ownership has swelled violent crime has contiued to "unexpectedly" drop.  Over 14 million guns were purchased in 2009 and gun sales continue to be one part of the Obama economy that is growing and creating jobs.  Strangely enough in 2010 the feds reported a 7% plus drop in violent crime and the 2011 report posted another 12% drop.  

More than 80 percent of the decline in violent crime was attributed to a plunge in simple assaults, by 15 percent. Those assaults accounted for nearly two-thirds of all violent crimes in 2010.

The left will never admit it, in fact they insist they do not know why crime keeps dropping, but we know that is the uncertainty in the minds of street thugs.  Any potential victim could be armed, trained, and prepared to use superior force to defend themselves and their property.  Not every thug is so observant, but then that only reinforces the need to be lawfully armed and trained to defend yourself.

So does this make Democrats and their fan club of law enforcement bureaucrats clueless enablers of violent crime by actively opposing stand your ground, castle doctrine, and other second amendment rights?  Because it appears as if a few million more law abiding gun owners are more capable of intimidating criminals than a few million government dollars to add more ‘well trained’ police officers who are just minutes away when seconds count. 

Think about the affect of that on town on state budgets.  If private gun ownership decreases crimes of violence or against property, the cost of insurance claims and emergency response declines.  What if folks begin to think about paying for fewer unionized, democrat supporting police officers as a result?  Perhaps adding more officers no longer becomes a priority?  What then? (If you live in Littleton NH the Union boycotts you.)

Does this explain the lefts objections?  Is that why the folks on the left continue to publicly frighten the masses about the risks of lawful gun ownership?  Because it could impact their political goals and the expansion of the state and state power?

Citizens who are willing to arm themselves are not a threat to society or each other.   They are a threat to the unlawful who act as proxies to advance the Democrat agenda.  Lawful gun owners are a threat to the social engineering experiments that shorten sentences, or release criminals early by shrinking the unarmed victim class advocated by the anti-gun left.   Lawful gun owners  are the single biggest threat to an expansive government police state because without spending one taxpayer dime, they reduce crime and the destruction of property upon which the public safety bueaucracy relies for relevance and ever expanding budgets.

And if we are unwilling to completely abrogate our property and personal security to their care and consideration after the crime has been committed, what else might we approach with new-found personal responsibility?

Free thinking people do not need more government nor are they as likely to let politicians rob them to fund it.  So the lefts objection to the right to self defense runs much deeper than their rhetoric.  It may even transcend the simple fact that the first thing a tyrant does is make sue they have all the guns.  Without big government, liberals are like fish out of water.  They just flop around gasping until they are no more.

Without the second amendment, there can be no other rights.  That is why the socialist left works so hard to scare you into giving them up.

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