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Meet Bob “Bathroom Bill” Perry (Reprise)


With the Strafford 3 special election tomorrow, I thought it fitting to revisit this post about democrat Bob ‘Bathroom Bill’ Perry.  His voting record epitomizes what the left is and wants for you and your children.  You must not forget what they stand for.

It is also an opportunity to take your frustration with how Washington DC does business, and make a statement for how New Hampshire does hers.

We were both facing a debt problem, though ours was unequivocally the product of Terri ‘Billion Dollar Deficit’ Norelli, Sylvia "Spend then Tax" Larsen, Maggie ‘The Red’ Hassan, and the pro-socialist, grow government first party running as Democrats.  The important difference is that in New Hampshire we did something meaningful to stop runaway spending.  We elected representatives who tried to find ways to keep money in our pockets, to make it easier for small business to grow, and to end the regulatory creep that robs us and out children of our hard earned dollars.  We did it by electing principled Republicans who understood whose money our state spends . Ours.

So if you’re interested in more unaccountable government, a debt creating, spendaholic state legislature, balloon bills,  regulatory restrictions that scare off jobs, $70,000.00 bathroom remodels during a recession, an endless string of fee and tax increases–many enacted in an annual late night-last-minute frenzy without one single hearing, or half-witted, poorly thought out mandates like the one that could have turned every ladies locker-room or public bathroom into a drive thru for every drunk guy, horny adolescent, or sex offender who has suddenly felt the need to get in touch with their feminine side (or your wives or daughters), then you want Bob Perry.  These are his kind of legislative priorities.  He thinks government should spend your tax dollars implementing and enforcing laws like the Bathroom Bill. He thinks government should just keep growing, regardless of your ability to pay for it. To him growing government comes before the people, regardless of the people.

But if you have the slightest inkling that this is not the direction you are interested in for State government, then you need to keep people like Bob "Bathroom bill" Perry out of Concord.

And as luck would have it, you can keep him out of Concord, but you have to vote.  His opponent is a small government Republican who understands that it is your money and your government. So to the residents of Strafford District 3: protect your jobs and your wallets (your wives and daughters) and your pocket books.  On Tuesday, vote for Honey Puterbaugh for the New Hampshire House.


On the jump: A re-post of Meet Bob "Bathroom Bill" Perry.


Robert ‘Bob’ Bathroom Bill Perry is the democrat candidate in the Strafford County district 3 special election coming up on August 9th.  Bathroom Bill Bob has been in the New Hampshire House before, so Bob has a record.  And my, what a record he has.

Just the same old DonkeyI’m sorry.  Forgive me.  Some people might be offended by the use of the term "Bathroom Bill" to describe Bob.  Of course Mr. Perry did support the Bathroom bill (HB 415 – 2009) which would have allowed any man who at any given moment felt so inclined, full access to the same public "accommodations" as your wives, sisters and daughters.  Hey, the ladies room was the closest door, right?

How about we call him Bob ‘Soda Tax’ Perry? In a democrat majority House Bob was one of only 65 reps to try and save this tax by voting no on the ITL for the bill. (HB 1679 – 2010)

Or how about Bob "Unions have funded over a one-third of my 2011 campaign" Perry.

Or maybe Bob "Tent Tax" Perry? Bob liked the room without a room tax so much (the tax the democrats dumped on campgrounds in the middle of the night) that when the repeal Bill came up he voted to table it, he tried to ITL it, and when the House finally voted on repeal, he voted no. (HB 1445 – 2010)

Here’s a good one.  Bob "You may have to pay for other peoples abortions" Perry.  Even if you happen to be unsure about it or maybe you are OK with abortion, do you really want the government to make you pay for someone else to have one?  Do you even want them funding providers like planned parenthood by law?  Why not just let people choose to donate to them?  Why does the state force your tax dollars into their hands?  Bob thought it was good idea whether you would object or not. (HB 486 – 2009)

Bob "Parents don’t have rights" Perry voted against every iteration of every parental notification rights bill, regardless of the  exceptions. Here are just two examples. (HB 274 – 2009; HB 531 – 2009)

Then there’s Bob "How about a price fixing board for health care and a multi-million dollar annual tax on Hospitals" Perry.  Bob supported Hassan-Care, which created a state board with a potential 3.5 million dollar annual budget and the ability to borrow money to fund its activities.  It is funded through a tax on hospitals starting at $1.5 million, which we now pay through other increased costs. (SB 505 – 2010).  Thanks Bob.

We also have Bob "Govt should define the terms of free speech" Perry.  Yes, Bob voted to stifle political speech when he supported the Sullivan/Hassan- Kitchen Table anti-speech bill. It was a bill that would have made paid political speech by small business so burdensome as to intimidate them out of the political process.  It even charged a handling fee for those who dared wade into the bureaucracy to file the proper forms.  Yes, paying for free speech.  Who but a democrat like Bob Perry would support that? (HB 1459 -2010).

And this is just a small sample of the extremist voting record of Bob "Bathroom Bill" Perry.

Bob supported all the taxes, the wacky accounting, the bad revenue estimates, the overspending, the nanny state nonsense, even job killing taxes and bloated government spending during a recession.  A vote for Bob is a vote for more taxes, more fees, less money in your wallet every year, and more bureaucracy and state control everywhere else.

So I would like to thank Bob for running.  And I would like to thank the democrats in Strafford 3 for their overwhelming supporting of him in the primary.   Bob "Bathroom Bill" Perry represents everything that got the Democrats tossed out of office in November 2010.  And between now and August 9th, we get to revisit all of that, over, and over again.


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