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Voter ID? NH Used to do it years ago…

Over the past several years we have been hearing much about Voter Fraud or Election Fraud; something the left swears doesn’t occur and the right says occurs more than ever. So, who do we go with? Mr. Lindner says a Voter ID bill: "…will not only make it impossible for thousands of already registered voters to have their votes counted…."  How? Simple question. I have a driver’s license, which works. For those who don’t drive there is the (Non-Driver’s Livense) ID Card, which costs $10.00.

"… but will also cost the state government hundreds of thousands of dollars…". Well, after the last legislature dragged us down to the tune of $800-Million Dollars, what another ‘couple of hundred-thousand dollars’? Or has the left suddenly taken on the task of reducing spending (when it suits their agenda)?

I understand that at one time in NH, when an individual registered, that individual received a Registration Card in the mail indicating the name & address of that registered voter and his/her voting location. May I suggest New Hampshire go back to that method. There, problem solved!

New Hampshire voters MUST HAVE proper ID or we all lose (except maybe the Left).
John Diefenbach
Mason, NH