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Mike Brunelle’s Jobs Program

Min WageIn true class warfare fashion the prominent democrat schemester Mike Brunelle saw his minimum wage bill go down in flames yesterday, which was exactly the point.  But put all the politicking and future sound biting aside, what is the real point?  Democrats either intentionally put politics above real job creation or they are just too daft to know any better.  but the results are the same either way.

The proof is in the blue pudding which is served across the counters of minimum wage employers all across the state.   It’s not actual pudding, it can be observed in the declining number of pimples on the faces of the people serving you at these places of business.  No it’s not Proactiv solution, it is the nature of markets and a common business sense which confounds left wing rhetoric.

Given the choice between someone in their thirties, forties or beyond and the average teenager, a manager interested in providing the most reliable and courteous staff to his customers will pick the grown-ups almost every time.  They tend to care more, are more reliable, more productive, more courteous, and responsive to direction and goals.

So raising the state minimum wage would only push teenage unemployment higher, reducing entry level access to the less skilled of all ages.  I know.  I was the less skilled. (Maybe I still am.) I started out at Mc Donald’s at 2.35 an hour, worked my way up to store manager–complete with corporate training that shows you how a business is run–carried that into decision making rolls with other food chains, and from there into the technology sector, Quality and materials management jobs, and beyond.

Low wage entry level jobs are not just important to employers and customers from a cost and competition perspective, they are important to employees who need to learn how to earn more through behavior and performance.  Denying low wage entry level jobs to people willing to work hard and learn on the job is one of the fastest way to ensuring long term reliance on government handouts.

But democrats are the party of couch-potato handouts.   And increasing costs will kill jobs.  So is that Brunelle’s goal or is he just another useful idiot of the left recycling wage rhetoric for political points.  And are the people of New Hampshire smart enough to know the difference?