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Guest post by Tom Tomson: Sharing Some Great Advice

Tom Tomson is a conservative activist and the Honorary Chair of Americans for Prosperity / NH

Dear Friends,

Please find below an article I wrote about our Mother and wanted to share it with you. Many of you reached out to me and our family one year ago and I thank you for your support.  Tom Thomson

Sharing Some Great Advice

One year ago on March 8th, 2010 my family lost a loving, caring Mother at age 90 and New Hampshire lost a gracious former First Lady; Gale Thomson.

My Mother, Gale Kelly Thomson, was a mother of six children, 18 Grandchildren and 28 Great Grandchildren. She was like many in New Hampshire, a very independent citizen. She believed it was her responsibility to care for her husband, former Governor Meldrim Thomson in their home, located in Orford, at the Mt. Cube Farm while Dad fought the good fight against Parkinson Disease for many years. After years of loving care Dad lost his battle on April 19th, 2001.

It’s important for me to digress for a moment and tell you that on this same day April 19th, hours earlier the New Hampshire Legislature was voting on a bill to impose a sales tax. Dad had fought against increasing taxes on our citizens for years; at the end of the day, they the lawmakers defeated the sales tax bill and I know Dad knew his work was done and he passed on.

Mother continued to live by herself at the place she loved best, the Mt. Cube Farm, with family close by until the day she left us on March 8th, 2010. This was Dad’s birthday and later my brother Robb reminded me that it also was on this very day that Dad and Mother were engaged 72 years earlier.

Many years ago a good friend shared with me some great advice, as he had recently lost the last of his parents. He said to me, “Be thankful your parents are still with you. Tonight, give them a call or better still stop by and give them a big hug and tell them how much you love them.” This was…

some of the best advice of my life and from that day forward I made a bigger effort than before to call or stop by and thank them for all they had done and to tell them I loved them, and I know my brothers and sisters did the same.

Today, March 8th, one year later, we as a family cherish the wonderful memories of this gracious lady, our Mother. She has left both her family and our state an example to live by and a legacy to be proud of.

So, today let me pass on some great advice. If you are blessed to have your mother or father still with you, I would encourage you to stop by or call them today and tell them that you love them and give them a big hug, and do it often, as the day will come as it did for me one year ago. Now I can’t stop by and give mother a hug or tell her I love her anymore and I miss that.

Tom Tomson is a conservative activist, Honorary Chair of Americans for Prosperity / NH, and does both his Mom and Dad proud as he carries on his father’s tradition of "Axe the Tax".