So, Hynsie wants to take another bite at the apple - but hiding behind a skirt? - Granite Grok

So, Hynsie wants to take another bite at the apple – but hiding behind a skirt?

It seems that Hynsie, the true political hack he is, can’t even front for himself anymore.  Instead, he has to go hide behind a skirt to have his dirty work done.  Remember, simply because GraniteGrok went after his candidate, Sean Mahoney, for something that was blatantly false, he decided he needed a way (a desperate one at that) to shut that down – and accused me of illegally recording a telephone conversation (remember, he’s clueless when it comes to waveforms).  Then, since I was laughing at him, he decided to insinuate to a friend (to me) that because of his connections to GraniteGrok, the friend would end up on court as well.  Great tactics – akin to the courtroom scene from the GodFather when the "turn state’s evidence" guy’s brother from Italy was brought in.

Simply for mere political points, he threw two ‘friends’ under the bus (were we, and Meet The New Press radio show we shared really just stepping stones along his political operative career?).  Thus, one could say that he’s got the ethics of moose scat – nothing but big turds.

So, being the political insider, being the stereotypical political operative and thus beholden to the money that comes with the Establishment (still representing Tim Pawlenty, Hynsie?), he knows on which side his bread is buttered.  Oh wait, for him, isn’t that anyone dragging a dollar bill in front of him?  Keep crawling, Hynsie.

So, here is what his skirt, Amelia Chase wrote at his fourth (fifth, sixth, seventh – oh heck, I’ve lost count of the "ventures" he’s started and waslked away from):

In a related story, sources tell NH Journal that Murphy is slated to assume the role of communications director of the Republican State Committee, replacing Ryan Williams, should Kimball win the state party chairmanship on January 22nd. 

Someone emailed me this morning about this – I thought it quite amusing!

Him: By the way, congrats on the new job!

Me: I don’t have a new job (huh?)

Him: Yes you do…you have been offered the job as NH GOP Communications Director

Me: Huh?  But I already attack Democrats – pretty much on a daily basis!  Oh wait!!!

Is this the way the Establishment wishes to shut me up – so I can’t keep Republicans from straying from the Platform???  In the paraphrased words of Madam Pelosi: "are they serious??" Man, do they have a thing or two to learn….

Yeah, that would be a real long tenure.  I’d give an an "over/under" of about 10 minutes.  But then again, truth coming from Hynsie is about as regular as, well, Madam Pelosi.

Anybody got a ball of string and a dollar bill….