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Nashua Telegraph Snubs GOP Committee Meeting

The Nashua Telegraph’s progressive tendencies are frequently on display but never more so than in this mornings Sunday print edition.  There is not one mention of the Republican State Committee meeting that went on for five hours, nor the election of any officers including the new Chairman Jack Kimball.

News 9 was there.  CNN was interested.  The UK Telegraph and a host of nationals were watching, claiming that this could be a bellwether for the strength of TEA party influence in the whole of the United States.  You’d think that might be newsworthy?

But over at the Nashua Telegraph there is no print story, no news digest blurb, even Kevin Landrigan’s weekly round up which consumes many column inches of valuable newsprint real-estate makes no hint that every major Republican office holder was in Derry yesterday or that an impressive 426 party electors showed up to make their preferences known.

So what, 2:50 pm in the afternoon is past the print deadline?

This is blatant, but hardly surprising.  The Nashua Telegraph is New Hampshire’s progressive paper of record. And it drools its left leaning preferences over a half-dozen or more local town papers through the Cabinet press.  It regularly publishes policy screeds on democrat agenda items from left wing PAC and Policy leaders as ‘editorials,’ and it is more than entitled to do so.  They could print Marx and Engels if they wanted to.  But it would go a long way towards demonstrating some effort at impartial reporting if they could be bothered to mention the GOP Committee Meeting even happened.

Of course I am not completely convinced it is not in there somewhere. I confess that I did not check the classifieds.  But then, why should I have to?  And that’s the point.

Note: It’s not mentioned anywhere on the front page at either.