GrokTalk! Saturday January 29th 2011 [UPDATED] - Granite Grok

GrokTalk! Saturday January 29th 2011 [UPDATED]


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Former GOP gubernatorial candidate and Tea Party favorite Jack Kimball was elected chairman of the NH Republican Party. So…what’s it all about? What does it bode for the NH GOP? What’s it mean for the state of New Hampshire? We’ve got a star-studded cast coming on the show Saturday morning to help Explain It All.

This week’s guests include NH House Majority Leader DJ Bettencourt, NH State Senator Andy Sanborn, NH House Reps. Pam Tucker and Laura Jones, Free State Project President (2007-2008) Irena Goddard, RLCNH Chairman Andrew Hemmingway and NHRVC Vice-Chair (and Grokster) Steve Mac Donald. You’ll want to tune in Saturday morning to hear from all points of the conservative and libertarian political compass!

Saturday January 29th from 9-11am