GrokTALK! - Podcast page for 12/04/10 - Granite Grok

GrokTALK! – Podcast page for 12/04/10


Podcast – week of 12/04/10


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Hour 1      Hour 2

Tim and Skip manned the studio and we quickly talked about the happenings of the week and our guests during the rest of the show: Opening Segment.

Skip and Tim talk a little about how the next NH GOP Chair is selected (the process). the and more!  NH GOP Chair

The discussion continues with the premise of what the "Liberty & Freedom" wing’s impact will be NH GOP Chair 2

A discussion of some of the differences between Conservatives and Libertarians ensues Part 1   Part 2.

Dr. Jason Sorens (Ph.D, University at Buffalo) comes on and discusses the Free State Project: its beginning, its aim, the selection of New Hampshire, and the progress to date of this unusual exercise to increase individual liberty by returning to constitutional values. Part 1   Part 2 

Wrap up – Tim and Skip wrap things up and what may be coming up for next week.

Recorded live stream: