The purpose of yesterday - achieved? - Granite Grok

The purpose of yesterday – achieved?

Yup.  Like her or not, Sarah Palin had an answer, based on yesterday’s results, to President Obama’s promise as to what he was going to do before his inauguration; her tweet:

Very clear message to Pres Obama: we’ll send our representatives to DC to stop your fundamental transformation of America. Enough is enough

We are not mere children that need ego-inflated technocrats within a huge bureaucracy to show us how to obtain our American Dream; this was the American people saying "YOU work for US – stop it.  We just fired your flunkies; keep it up and you are next.  In the mean time, we’ve just thrown a monkey wrench into your plans.

After all, since you have shown that you will not respect the strictures of the Constitution (which the Founders INTENDED to make governing hard and slow), we now will use other means – including Republicans.

Snake, meet mongoose; that should keep both of you circling each other for a while and force you to leave us alone.  That should relieve us from having to keep looking over our shoulder to see what Government is going to do to us next.

(H/T: The Corner)