GrokTALK! - Podcast page for 11/6/10 - Granite Grok

GrokTALK! – Podcast page for 11/6/10

Podcast – week of 11/6/10

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Hour 1              Hour 2

Hour One:

Skip starts off the show with the Opening Monologue.

Bill Boyd, long time Republican activist, calls in to yak with Skip about what happened on Tuesday and some thoughts about what Republicans should do once taking office and the real work begins:  Part 1    Part 2 

Grokster Steve calls in to touch base!

Hour Two: 

This week Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch and Professor Peter Kreedt of B.C. had a classic liberal format debate with at Thomas Moore College in Merrimac, NH on the question: Resolved: "That the Only Good Muslim is a Bad Muslim".  Doug Lambert and Greg Salts (We Are The People Of The Book)attended and give us a report on the debate and Greg outlines how stealth jihad may be happening in this area.  Click here to listen.

GraniteGrok’s good friend, Jennifer Horn, joins us for the last 1/2 hour to talk about the Republican Earthquake – and what the citizens who just did their civic duty in voting must now do "on behalf of their elected officials" (heh!) going forward.  Yes, that word "accountable" did come up, surprisingly enough!  Listen here!

No video this week.