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Why I WILL Vote for Charles Bass

Guest post by Bob Southard (a reaction to Tim’s post):

Over the past few decades, we conservatives have seen a parade of Republican candidates and politicians who espouse individual liberty, freedom and government, yet ride herd on a grossly escalating Federal government budget.  Conservatives, you say?  Hardly.  The party of Reagan has lost its way.
From the first George Bush to his son and with Olympia Snow and a host of other "Rockefeller Republicans", we watched as our party of restrained gov’t and individual liberty shoved a steadily growing budget of entitlement programs down our throats.  The Bushes and all their RINO variants did not believe what we and Ronald Reagan and the Founders of our country believe.  At their core, they remain decent human beings who bought the fallacy of Government as the "Protector" of our rights.  In this process, they have very nearly destroyed our Republican Party.
The Tea Party has become the single unifying rallying cry for conservatives all over the country.  People who actually believe in our constitution, who pay their taxes, who speak English and who obey the law.  These are the people who must take back our Party and our nation.  What we must stand for and fight at every opportunity is any philosophy or thought process that permits the enemies of our constitution to become elected to office.  This must stop now.
There remain many principled conservatives and republicans who twist themselves up in anguished knots when reviewing candidates on Nov. 2nd.  They believe that some of our candidates do not pass a "purity test" for conservatism; therefore, they can not bring themselves to vote for the republican.  Nothing could be more wrong-headed nor harmful in our determination to return our country to its birthright.  In fact, this thinking has the potential to destroy the momentum generated by the Tea Party.
The Democrats have successfully…


…organized a coalition of lawyers, lobbyists, unions and inept idealists to portray our country as the problem.  "Capitalism is the problem."  "Life is not fair."  "Big Corporations will stamp us out."  "Greedy rich evil people are ruining us."  We conservatives know this thinking is dangerous and will lead to the destruction of our way of life, yet, we don’t vote for fiscal conservatives because they don’t pass our "Purity Tests".  We allow people like Annie Kuster to become our Representatives because we can not stop shooting ourselves in the foot.
Yes, I would have preferred to have Jennifer Horn represent our Party and our district.  Yes, Charlie Bass in the past has voted for some liberal programs and environmental causes.  Remember, however, that the 2nd CD of our State can be very liberal in its outlook toward these programs. I have suffered far too long under the idiocy and hypocrisy of Paul Hodes to allow a cellmate of his, Annie Kuster, stewardship in the Second Congressional District of New Hampshire.
That is why I WILL vote…and I will vote enthusiastically, for Charles Bass on Nov. 2nd.  Charlie has voted as a fiscal conservative in the past, his record has proven that.  Right now, that is the most I can hope for as a conservative and I will do nothing to help Annie Kuster bring her lobbying, lawyer past into the fray, while helping Obama and his minions further destroy this country and our way of life.
Charlie Bass has earned my vote and the votes of every conservative residing in NH’s 2nd CD.