November - CHANGE is coming! - Granite Grok

November – CHANGE is coming!

Heh! Yes, I was rather jocular when I saw this:

Here is a list of 82 Democrat-held House seats that you should be watching on election night, based largely on independent polling but also my sense of where things stand…

…I’ve broken it down this way in part so that you can watch the fate of the the much debated “incumbent rule” by keeping an eye on how many poorly-polling House incumbents manage to pull it out.

‘Goners’ (6)

    * FL-24: Suzanne Kosmas
    * IL-11: Debbie Halvorson

    * NH-1 Carol Shea-Porter

    * OH-1: Steve Driehaus
    * OH-15: Mary Jo Kilroy
    * PA-3: Kathy Dahlkemper

Smiles all around at the title of this subgroup: Goner.  To see karma fulfilled – priceless. Say "good bye" to the Scold!

(H/T: Washington Examiner)