How did someone like this even GET into Congress?!?!?! - Granite Grok

How did someone like this even GET into Congress?!?!?!

As long as this seems to be “Out the Communist and Socialist sympathizers affecting our Government and Freedom” meme here at the ‘Grok…let us add one more log to the fire…

And then you wonder why America is being ridden off the rails?  When folks like elected officials like Jan Schakowsky (D-IL, US House) are openly scornful of our founding documents?  Of the principles of freedom and that government only is legitimate when those that are governed voluntarily yield part of their freedom and consent to be governed.

Words just fail me.

My friend, EM, who is the "American Princess" blog (and where I have guest posted every once in a long while) found this little exchange concerning Jan Schakowsky, CongressCritter from the land of Obama – (who is absolutely OK with Government putting private firms out of business – if they supply health insurance) talks about her notions of freedom and the consent of the governed:

She is a member (Hat Tip to RBO, written by fellow NH co-blogger Brenda Elliot at RBO and co-author of The Manchurian President):

These folks are actively (like the post that Tom put up) trying to do away with the idea and philosophy of American Exceptionalism, the radical idea that free people should be in charge and not a government which they considered to effectively be important but as a necessary evil as it could grow to a size that would…hey, aren’t we all ready there???)

Always remember:

The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen

Jan Schackowsky and her ilk, regardless of the masking rhetoric about the "little guy", is no better than the socialists of old: Marx, Engels, Trotsky, and the others.  Their notion of Freedom fits not that of the Individual like Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin, but the Freedom of the State to rule over the "little people".