Carol Shea-Porter and Ann McKluster are so scared of The Pledge, they can't even open their envelopes! - Granite Grok

Carol Shea-Porter and Ann McKluster are so scared of The Pledge, they can’t even open their envelopes!


Carol Shea-Porter reject 1


Heh!  This is just SO rich.  BOTH sound like they are oh so reasonable with taxpayer money – after all, they only want to help others – with yet other peoples’ money.  ANY attempt to limit their access to that last item causes them to recoil in absolute horror!

The Pledge has been around for a while – a bulwark protecting NH taxpayers.  Tom Thompson, honorary Chair of Americans for Prosperity – NH, has been asking all of the candidates to sign The Pledge; the pledge is here.  It’s purpose?  A word that is hated by most politicians across the fruited plain – especially by Progressive ones:


Sign The Pledge?  You have officially promised to be held accountable.  Progressives hate to be held to account – after all, if we all did, they wouldn’t be around.  So, of whom do I speak?  Merely the biggest Progressives in NH – who realize that their plans for a bigger and more centralized Government would be more rancid than two week old fillet of fish out in the sun.  That’s right:

Carol "The Thief" Shea-Porter and Ann McKluster

Why say this? When given the chance, when the opportunity arose, they chickened out.  They just didn’t return their Pledges, they didn’t just open the envelope, read the letter – they wouldn’t even accept the Certified Mail!

Tom Thompson?  Looks like just his name strikes terror in the hearts of the big spenders….the Progressives.

See Carol’s up top?  And McKuster’s?  The other halfs after the jump:

Carol’s second half:

McKuster’s second half:

So, will Democrats sign it, anywhere?  I know that another one in particular won’t: Andrew Hosmer, running in NH Senate District 4.  Oh sure, he SOUNDS like a Republican-wannabe: "fiscally conservative" is his watchword.

Why is it that NOW, some Dems feel that they have to be Republican-lite, eh Andy?