The NRSC Needs To Be Spanked Around Some More - Granite Grok

The NRSC Needs To Be Spanked Around Some More

The National RINO Senatorial Committee (NRSC) seems poised to deny the peoples choice in Delaware any of their precious treasure. Too bad some of that treasure comes from regular republicans like the people who selected Christine O’Donnell as their candidate for November.

I have two suggestions.  First, if you get any mail from the NRSC to donate to them, send it directly to any one of the Senate candidates they seem disinclined to support because they are not part of the ruling government class.  If you live in Delaware, send it directly to O’Donnell.

Second, everyone else should send Christine O’Donnell a five spot (or whatever your protest gland feels is appropriate) and send a strong message to the elites who think they can control races because they have the money. 

I have news for them.  They only have money because we give it to them, and while they get plenty from wealthy advocates and deep pocketed interests, a million people donating five dollars to the candidates they don’t feel are the right kind of republican adds 5 million in places where it is needed, without the strings attached, in a year when they have a better chance to win, in places we never dreamed possible.

Tell the NRSC to pound sand.  Donate to Christine O’Donnell today.