Primary Night (scratch that) "Morning After" Update - Granite Grok

Primary Night (scratch that) “Morning After” Update

The initial indications showing Frank Guinta with the lead have continued as the evening has developed but the race tightened with Rich Ashooh closing to withing a small percentage.  In the end Guinta prevailed with Sean Mahoney–who conceded early coming in third place.

The Ovide/Kelly race is so close it still has not been called.

Over in CD-2 predictions that Bob Giuda would harpoon Jen Horns victory over C-Bass turned out to be true.  Horn has close to 19,000 votes to Giuda’s 9000 with bass only 4000 votes ahead of Horn. Now the western half of the state will have to hold it’s nose and vote for Bass.

Bass will Face Anne McLane Kuster (McKluster) who didn’t waste any time at all lying about the left wing agenda and pretending she’s not a Marxist.  So given the choices McKluser or Bass, Bass bloody well looks like Reagan by comparison.

In the State level races much still needs to be seen but I understand that Fran Wendlboe has lost her State Senate Primary. (Though I have no numbers on it).  One race we did focus on saw the end of the democrat turned RINO Tony DiFruscia who appears to have been "primaried out" in Rockingham county.  Expect him to whine about it, and laucnh some kind of investigation.  Like most of the previous one’s it will come to nothing. But maybe he’ll say something nice upon his exit like, "you won’t have Tony DiFruscia to kick around anymore."

No, thank God, we won’t.

Bill O’Brien, the object of the NHDP chairman’s love and affection (in the form of a last minute Robo-Call that was an outright lie) still managed to make it to the general election.

Other details are forthcoming, so expect tons of updates from all the Grokksters throughout the morning.