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GrokTalk! – it’s time for a new beginning!

Technical difficulties, folks….be back on in a few!


Starting Saturday morning at 9 am!


Right here at GraniteGrok.  We are pleased to announce the start of


A mixture of politics, culture, current events, and well, politics, it is an Internet Radio show streaming live audio and video directly from GraniteGrok.  Using a solidly Conservative and Rational Libertarian lens, we’ll take on almost any topic and have notables from the news, political figures, authors, and other opinionated folks for your edification and amusement.

The live audio stream is located here and the live video stream will go live as well.  Podcasts will also be available after the show (usually within a day or so).

This week, Groksters Skip, Steve, and Tom (and who knows, perhaps our remotely located Grokster, Tim will join us! as well) will be talking about the news of the day.

  • Special guest: Jack Kimball

Recently a candidate for the Republican nomination for NH Governor, he is a small business owner in Portsmouth and a long time NH resident.  A Navy veteran, he is the Founder of the Granite State Patriots and a Co-Founding member of the NH TEA Party Coalition.  He describes himself as a patriot and a Reagan Conservative, and we’ll talk at length concerning his run.

  • Constitution Day – we celebrate the 233rd birthday of this magnificent document.  A radical idea then – but why do Progressives / Statists of BOTH parties think it a radical idea to adhere to it today?
  • Speaking of the Constitution – Is it "Back to the Future" or a "We can  progress forward ONLY if we first go Backward?" – the tremendous effect of the TEA Party / 9-12 / Liberty and Freedom movement in the political scene.  Why are they giving both Democrats AND Republicans fits?


What have they accomplished already?  And why will they actually win?


  • News and events of the day:
  • Awards for the just completed Primaries here in NH – who gets what?  And why?
  • NH
  • The nation

Get INVOLVED!  We’re still feeling our way a bit technically, and we can’t take calls just yet (coming soon!) So, send us your emails at or follow us on Twitter (follow the hash tag #grok) and on FaceBook.

WHEW! It all starts at 9AM EST – 11am Saturday. Tune in live on the ‘Net here… We will be the place to be – we WILL BLOW AWAY the competition!