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The Jobs Deficit.

Here’s a suitable followup to the McLuster post.  She (McLuster) whined about Bush tax cuts–that’s where a president let people keep what they legally earned and… oops the economy got better and 3.5 million jobs were created. 

Does that number sound familiar?  3.5 Million jobs?  It should.

Obama and the spendocrats spent trillions to create….3.5 million jobs.  That was the promise.  Stimulus=3.5 million new jobs.  In fact every spending program–and there were quite a few–turned into a jobs program.  Are you thinking what I’m thinking?  Their definition of jobs is different from ours. 

Whatever their definition the price per job ratio was a joke then, but it gets a good deal worse when you look at Obama’s Jobs deficit.   Since passing the stimulus (and everything after it) we are now 7.6 billion jobs shy of the "investment target."

So these were jobs programs.  Job destroying programs.  Obama created a massive fiscal deficit to create a massive employment deficit.  I would have to admit that that is change.


 Obama's Job's Deficit